Many attend new Westlake Hall groundbreaking event

June 8, 2010

A rainy day couldn’t dampen the excitement of those who attended the Westlake Hall Expansion and Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony, which took place inside the Markin Family Student Recreation Center on October 22, 2009. Addressing the audience at the event were Bradley President Joanne Glasser; Bradley Board of Trustees Chairman Gerry Shaheen; Marcus Belin, a student leader; College of Education and Health Sciences Dean Joan Sattler; Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service Executive Director Brad McMillan; and two state senators, David Koehler and Dale E. Risinger.

Shaheen referenced the Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance, which began on April 24, 2008, with the goal of spending $150 million toward building new facilities and renovating established ones on campus. Shaheen proudly told attendees that the new Westlake Hall will be six times bigger and will include a fourth floor. He related that it will still retain some of its classic architecture, but will be bigger, better, and more modern. The new Westlake will include “smart” classrooms, new laboratories, and offices.

President Glasser shared the history of Westlake Hall, which is where students originally studied horology. The iconic clock tower that still rises up overlooking campus today reminds everyone of Westlake’s past. As President Glasser considered Westlake’s history and referenced the changes to come, she appropriately said, “It’s about time.” The clock tower will remain on display in the new Westlake’s atrium to offer everyone a reminder of its history.

The mood at the groundbreaking ceremony seemed hopeful and positive. It was noted that State Sens. Koehler and Risinger worked together in a bipartisan manner to allocate state funds to private institutions so that projects such as this could happen. Dean Sattler spoke of the bright future of the students who will get to take advantage of the new Westlake Hall. Belin summed up the excitement of fellow students when he expressed his enthusiasm for the more spacious Westlake as well.