Counseling program changes; new certificate begins

June 8, 2010

Dr. Jobie L. Skaggs, Associate Professor
CACREP Liaison

This fall, the department welcomed its first group of students who will earn their master’s degrees in clinical mental health counseling (CMHC). The 60-credit CMHC essentially replaces the 51-credit community agency program.

Additionally, we recognized the importance of offering a 12 credit hour CMHC Certificate to alumni who previously earned 51 credit hours community agency or school counseling degrees.

Alumni are encouraged to consider the advantages of completing a CMHC Certificate or taking one of the new courses. How about gaining competency in Crisis Intervention Counseling (1 credit hour) or maybe Clinical Supervision (2 credit hours)? Loss and Grief Counseling (1 credit hour) and Counseling: Ethics and the Law (1 credit hour) are certainly critical areas of continuous education. Finally, we offer what the faculty has named the 3 Ps (Psycho-diagnostics, Psychopathology, and Psychopharmacology Counseling—3 credit hours). Persistent evolution of the 3 Ps demands constant attention for professional counselors.

Something about the magic of continuing your education in a formal classroom setting, surrounded by current students and professional peers, creates synergy that is transformative. As faculty, we welcome the expertise that alumni bring to our classrooms. Please, visit our Web site at or call the ELH Department at 309/677-3193 if you are interested in our new human development counseling course offerings or program changes.