Professional School Counseling degree program

June 8, 2010

The Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development is changing the professional school counseling program from 51 hours to 60 hours to parallel clinical mental health requirements of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

ELH Department faculty believes that the school counseling program requirements should also be brought into alignment with the 60-hour minimum in order to promote a more unified training experience for all of our counseling students. The 60-hour program will be implemented beginning in spring 2010.

In addition to adopting the course modifications, additions, and deletions related to the new ELH clinical mental health requirements, the program will add two courses: ELH 653 Professional School Counseling, K-8, and ELH 655 Professional School Counseling in Secondary Schools. ELH 652 Professional School Counseling will no longer be offered.

The rationale for these changes reflects current public and private educational practice. Modern school grade configurations frequently appear as pre-K or K to 8 (primary-middle school) and 9 to 12 (secondary school). There are many other configurations in the increasingly complex universe of public education; however, most educators understand that there is a significant shift in counseling activities from elementary-middle school levels to high school. Thus, it is proposed that counseling in the schools be taught at two levels through two courses, K to 8 and secondary. In this manner, the developmental, social, academic, and career issues that exist in K-12 or K-16 education may be more appropriate addressed and taught to school counselors in-training.