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Department of Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling
Westlake Hall
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Post-Master's Licensure in Educational Administration (formerly Type 75)

The Post-Master's Licensure in Educational Administration (formerly Type 75) is intended for students who have a master's degree in education or an education related field seeking the coursework required to become an administrator in Illinois schools. The number of graduate hours required varies from 20-30 based upon previous coursework. In addition to a Masters Degree and specific graduate coursework, candidates for the Illinois licensure are also required to have two years of full time teaching experience or school personnel experience and successful completion of the required State of Illinois examinations.  Please see the Graduate Catalog for a detailed list of program requirements. See Gainful Employment data.

  • Admissions
    Admissions is coordinated through the Graduate Admissions Office, which offers information, step-by-step directions, and a downloadable application. Admissions are ongoing; applications should be submitted three months prior to the student’s first semester.
  • Admission Requirements                                                                                                                                                       The Bradley University Educational Leadership Program and the Illinois State Board of Education expect candidates to provide evidence of (1) support for all students achieving high standards of learning, (2) accomplished classroom instruction, which shall include data providing evidence of two years of student growth and learning within the last five years, including how data was used to inform instruction, (3) significant school leadership roles in past positions, (4) strong oral and written communication skills, (5) analytic abilities needed to collect and analyze data for student learning and evidence of how the results from student assessment improve learning, (6) demonstrated respect for family and community, (7) strong interpersonal skills and (8) knowledge of curriculum and instructional practices. Candidates demonstrate evidence of these qualifications through a portfolio and interview both of which will be reviewed by faculty. Oral and interpersonal skills will be measured during the interview.
  • Prerequisites                                                                                                                                                                                 All candidates for the Educational Leadership program are required to hold a valid and current Illinois teaching certificate (e.g., early childhood, elementary, secondary, special K-12, or special preschool-age 21 certificates), to have received a passing score on the test of basic skills if the candidate was not required to take the test for a teaching certificate. Acceptance into the program is based upon GPA in previous programs, test scores, letters of recommendation, admission portfolio, performance on writing prompt, and interview.
  • Application Process                                                                                                                                                                 Candidates must submit an application to the Graduate School. Upon approval of the application, a portfolio that provides evidence of support for student learning, accomplished classroom instruction, school leadership roles, strong oral and written communication skills, analytic abilities, respect for families and community, strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of curriculum/instruction/assessment. Upon approval of the portfolio, successful candidates will be invited for an interview with faculty. Candidates will respond to a case study provided while on campus for the interview. Successful candidates will receive oral and written feedback on leadership strengths and identified areas for growth.
  • Questions?
    Please call Dr. Jenny Tripses at (309) 677-3153 or email her.