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Department of Leadership in Education, Human Services, and Counseling
Westlake Hall
(309) 677-3193

Leadership in Human Service Administration (MA)

Designed to prepare students for leadership positions in human service agencies, organizations, and institutions.  Between 2001 and 2011, the number of non-profits has increased 25%.  The growth rate of the nonprofit sector has surpassed the rate of both the business and government sectors.  Nonprofits are also a major employer, accounting for 9% of the economy’s wages and over 10% of jobs in 2009.  Bradley’s graduate program in human service administration provides a contemporary approach to administration that emphasizes leadership over management and places a particular focus on the process of organizational change.

In the program, students learn to analyze organizational problems from multiple perspectives and to develop, motivate, and empower teams. Courses are designed to give students knowledge frameworks from which to operate, to encourage habits of reflection and analysis, and to develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to be outstanding leaders. A required, supervised 150-hour field experience provides additional opportunities to consider issues from a variety of perspectives. For more information, check out the Leadership in Human Service Administration Student Handbook (adobe pdf format).

  • Semester Hours Required
    36 hours
  • Completion Time:
    1 1/2 to 2 years (full time), 2 1/2 to 5 years (part time)
  • Schedule of Classes
    Days, evenings, summers, and interims
  • Enrollment
    Full time: 9; Part time: 3; 7 students graduate each year
  • Admissions
    Admissions is coordinated through the Graduate Admissions Office, which offers information, step-by-step directions, and a downloadable application. Admissions are ongoing; applications should be submitted two to three months prior to the student’s first semester.
  • Financial Assistance Option - Professional Educators Scholarship offers a 50% scholarship for full-time, practicing educators seeking degrees or certificates who are admitted to the College of Education & Health Sciences, Department of EHC, Graduate programs including Leadership in Human Service Administration.  Please see the Graduate School website for additional details.


  • Please call Dr. Brad McMillan at (309) 677-4408 or email him.

For additional information click on the Leadership in Human Service Program.