Rajesh Iyer

Associate Professor

Baker Hall 421
(309) 677-2991

Ph. D., Business Administration (Marketing), Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
M.A., Mass Communication, University of South Dakota
MBA, University of South Dakota
B. Com, Financial Accounting, University of Bombay


Raj Iyer has been a member of the Marketing faculty at Bradley University since 2007. 


Raj feels that his greatest strength as a teacher is his openness and sincerity toward his students. Students have found him to be not only accessible but also someone with whom they feel comfortable discussing their course and career related concerns. He feels that student involvement with topics taught in the classroom is enhanced considerably when they can see how various concepts are applied in the real world. He tries to make all of his classes highly interactive and participative. Dr. Iyer’s classes blend lectures, projects, and case studies that have a global focus.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • BUS 647: Global Environment and Issues
  • I B 656: International Business Administration
  • I B 346: Global Marketing Management
  • MTG 315: Principles of Marketing
  • MTG 346: International Marketing
  • I B 205: Business in Indian Culture


Dr. Iyer’s research is focused in the area of consumer information search and decision making, customer relationship marketing, societal issues in the business environment and global marketing. The bulk of Dr. Iyer’s research involves lab or field studies that showcase empirical analyses with primary or secondary data. The majority of his research work is inter-disciplinary: it integrates the marketing perspective with other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, communications, medicine, or economics.

Raj is best recognized for his work in customer relationship marketing where his research focuses on how different types (cohorts) respond/react and form attitudes toward marketing communications. His research focuses on how to effectively reach these consumers and develop relationships with them. His research has received several awards, including the Best Paper in Journal of Consumer Marketing – Emerald Literati Award for Excellence in 2008, the 2005 best paper in Consumer Behavior track at the Society for Marketing Advances Conference, the 2009 Thomas Ponzurik Award for the overall best paper at the Association for Marketing Theory and Practice Conference among others.


  • MBA Fundamentals: International Business by Rajesh Iyer, Kaplan Publishing, ISBN #: 978-1-4277-9844-2.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in the Last Five Years

Muncy, J. A., Iyer, R., Eastman, J. K. (2015). Medical advertising on demand: A content analysis of YouTube direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertisements. Journal of Medical Marketing, 14(2-3), 38-48. 

Iyer, R., Muncy, J. A. (in press). Attitudes towards Consumption and Subjective Well-Being. Journal of Consumer Affairs

Iyer, R., Johlke, M. C. (2015). The Role of External Customer Mind-Set among Service Employees. Journal of Services Marketing, 29(1), 38-48. 

Eastman, J. K., Iyer, R., Liao-Troth, S., Williams, D. F., Griffin, B. M. (2014). The Role of Involvement on Millennials' Mobile Technology Behaviors: The Moderating Impact of Status Consumption, Innovation and Opinion Leadership. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 22(4), 455-470. 

Eastman, J. K., Iyer, R., Thomas, S. (2013). The Impact of Status Consumption on Shopping Styles: AN Exploratory Look at the Millenial Generation. Marketing Management Journal, 23(1), 54-73. 

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Hill, D. J., Iyer, R. (2011). The moderating effect of coping on student satisfaction with a short study abroad program. Journal for the Advancement of Marketing Education, 17(1), 97-103. 

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Eastman, J. K., Iyer, R., Wiggenhorn, J. (2010). The short-term impact of Super Bowl Advertising on Stock Prices: An Exploratory Event Study. Journal of Applied Business Research, 26(6), 69-84. 

Selected Publications in the Last Five Years

(Cabell's) Eastman, J. k., Iyer, R., Eastman, K. (2011). Business students perceptions attitudes and satisfaction with Interactive technology: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Education for Business, 86(1), 36-43. 

Wiggenhorn, J., Eastman, J. K., Iyer, R. (Author Only), Armul, K., Financial Management Association International, "The Market Effect of Super Bowl Advertising During a Recession", New York City. (October, 2010).

Leadership in Academic Societies

  • Editorial Review Board Member, Marketing Management Journal, 2012 - Present
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Marketing Education Review, 2010 - Present
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 2000 - Present

Corporate and Organizational Board Memberships

  • Member, American Marketing Association. (December 2009 - Present).



  • Editorial Review Board Member, Marketing Education Review.
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.


  • Member, EMBA Implementation Committee.
  • Member, ICC China Advisory Council.