The Professional Sales Concentration

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Engage Business and Society

Professional salespeople help their customers choose and use the right product. As a result, the customer, his/her firm, and society all benefit.

The Foster College of Business is one of only a few schools to offer a marketing degree with a concentration in professional selling.  Students in the Professional Sales Program develop the skills necessary for success in today’s demanding sales environment.

Opportunity to Innovate

Top professional selling students can represent Bradley University at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). 

Sales Program Corporate Partners include Enterprise Holding, Inc., MSDSonline, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Midwestern Securities Trading Company, LLC, The HON Company, and ConAgra Foods.

Course Requirements

The Professional Sales Concentration is specifically designed to prepare students majoring in Marketing at Bradley University for highly desirable entry-level sales positions. As part of their coursework towards earning their Marketing degree, students in the Professional Sales Concentration will complete the following sales courses as their Marketing electives:

  • Marketing 304 - Professional Selling - 3 credit hours
  • Marketing 384 - Sales Management - 3 credit hours
  • Marketing 388 - Supply Chain Management - 3 credit hours
  • Marketing 404 - Advanced Professional Selling - 3 credit hours
  • Marketing 493 - Experiential Learning in Professional Sales - 1.5 credit hours 
  • Total - 13.5 credit hours

 Recommended Course Sequence for the Professional Sales Concentration

Fall Year 1

Spring Year 1

Fall Year 2

Spring Year 2

Fall Year 3

Spring Year 3

Fall Year 4

Spring Year 4

BUS 100

ATG 157

ECO 221

ECO 222

MTG 315

MTG 384

MTG 404

M L 4521

ENG 101

MTH 115

ATG 158

QM 263

MTG 304

MTG 341

MTG 388

MTG 4933

MIS 173

QM 262

MTG 2053

FIN 322

BLW 342

MTG 4932

MTG 490


COM 103

IB 2061

M L 2501

M L 350





ENG 306



1 2-hour credit course
2 1.5-hour credit course
MTG 493 can be repeated for additional academic credit (recommended)
4 National Collegiate Sales Competition held during the spring in Atlanta, GA

Every semester all Professional Sales students should meet with Dr. Mark Johlke, Director of the BU Professional Sales Program, (309-677-3947, for specific academic advising.

Impact the World

The career outcomes rate for Foster College Professional Selling graduates is 100%. Recent graduates have joined companies including:

  • Coca-Cola
  • ConAgra Foods
  • The HON Company
  • McAfee
  • McKesson Healthcare
  • Oracle

"The Foster College of Business provided me with an opportunity not only to learn about and practice what I'd be doing professionally, but it also granted me the chance to network and learn from professionals who provided a level of knowledge no classroom could deliver."
- Anthony Farmer '13

"Faculty advisement and experiential learning through both the Sales Program and NCSC directly helped me get my current job at Oracle as a Solution Consultant."
- Lindsey Sansone '13