Energy Concentration

Energy is the lifeblood of industrial economies and is essential for economic growth in developing countries. Today, some of the biggest engineering challenges are related to the production and efficient utilization of limited energy resources. This concentration prepares students to identify and analyze strategies for efficient energy conversion and to utilize energy resources in more economically efficient and environmentally friendly ways. In emerging industrial economies, the demand for new energy sources is growing at over 50 percent per decade, while in more mature growing industrial economies the growth is in the neighborhood of 10 percent per decade despite massive efforts to utilize energy efficiently. This has stimulated the demand for energy engineers and creative engineering solutions. Energy resources are often not located in areas of the world with high energy demand, thus energy conversion and utilization have huge geopolitical implications. Accordingly, engineers must be cognizant of the robust set of governmental rules and regulations associated with the development of engineering solutions to our energy needs. Students selecting the Energy Concentration within Mechanical Engineering can elect courses related to solar energy, energy management, renewable energy, nuclear energy, electrical generation power plant design, energy efficiency, and industrial pollution prevention.

The list of approved energy electives is given below:

  • ME 501 – Advanced Thermodynamics
  • ME 503 – Internal Combustion Engines
  • ME 507 – Introduction to Nuclear Power
  • ME 515 – Intermediate Heat Transfer
  • ME 520 – Gas Dynamics
  • ME 521 – Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 533 – Propulsion
  • ME 536 – Industrial Pollution Prevention
  • ME 537 – Building Energy Management