Charles Stoner


Baker Hall 302
(309) 677-2311

D.B.A., Management, Florida State
M.B.A., Florida State
B.S., Management, Florida State


Dr. Stoner specializes in leadership, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational change. He has earned a number of teaching honors, including Bradley’s Putnam Award for Teaching Excellence. He currently teaches the following courses in the MBA and Executive MBA programs:

  • M L 615 Interpersonal Relations
  • BUS 621 The Leadership Challenge
  • BUS 658 Executive Balance
  • BUS 658 Negotiations
  • BUS 643 Team Building


Dr. Stoner has published 9 books and numerous articles in refereed journals. His latest book, published in 2015, is Inspired Physician Leadership, Creating Influence and Impact. Other recent books include Building Leaders: Paving the Path for Emerging LeadersA Life in Balance: Finding Meaning in a Chaotic World, and The Adversity Challenge: How Leaders Bounce Back from Setbacks

Peer-Reviewed Journals

(Cabell's) Stoner, C. R. (2014). How Can We Make This Work? Understanding and Responding to Working Parents of Children with Autism. Business Horizons, 57(1), 85-95. [Published: January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2014, Expected Submission: November 2012]

(Cabell's) Marcum, T. M., Perry, S. J., Stoner, C. R. (2012). Reframing the Mediation Lens:  The Call for a Situational Style of Mediation. Southern Illinois University Law Journal, 36(Winter 2012), 317-334. [Accepted: November 2011, Published: March 2012, Submitted: May 2011, Expected Submission: May 2011]

(Cabell's) Stoner, C. R. (2011). The Interactive Effects of Emotional Family Support and Perceived Supervisory Loyalty on the Psychological Contract Breach-Turnover Relationship. Journal of Managerial Issues, 23(2), 124-143. [Published: July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2011]

(Cabell's) Perry, S. J., Marcum, T. M., Stoner, C. R. (2011). Stumbling Down the Courthouse Steps:  Mediators' Perceptions of the Stumbling Blocks to Successful Mandated Mediation in Child Custody and Visitation. Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, 11(3), 441-465. [Accepted: October 2010, Published: July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2011, Submitted: August 2010, Expected Submission: August 2010]

(Cabell's) Stoner, C. R., Perry, S. J., Marcum, T. M. (2011). The Court, the Parent, and the Child:  Mediator Perceptions of the Purpose and Impact of Mandated Mediation in Child Custody Cases. Journal of Law and Family Studies, 13(1), 151-170. [Published: May 2011]

Scholarly Books

Stoner, C. R. (2015). Inspired Physician Leadership. American College of Physician Executives. [Published: August 2015]

Stoner, C. R. (2012). Building Leaders: Paving the Path for Emerging Leaders. New York: Routledge Publishing. [Published: December 2012]

Presentations and Other Research

Marcum, T. M. (Presenter & Author), Stoner, C. R. (Author Only), Perry, S. J. (Presenter & Author), MBAA International--Midwest Academy of Legal Studies Conference, "In Vogue:  Mediator Styles as Fashioned for Child Custody Mediation", Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Chicago, IL. (March, 2011).

Practice in Field


  • American Society of Training Directors
  • Caterpillar Logistics
  • Community Leadership School
  • Employer's Association of Central Illinois
  • Young Professional Organization (YPO)
  • State Farm, 2012
  • CEFCU, 2012
  • Washington Leadership Academy, 2012
  • Afni, 2011
  • Caterpillar Inc.,  2011


In addition to university and departmental committees, Dr. Stoner’s career in leadership development has allowed him to work with a number of Fortune 100 companies and provide executive coaching for key leaders, ranging from emerging high potential managers to CEOs. Working with Bradley’s Executive Development Center, he has worked with managers and leaders from a variety of organizations, including Caterpillar, State Farm, and John Deere.