Ross Fink

Department Chair and Professor

Baker Hall 309
(309) 677-2271

Ph.D., Management Science, University of Alabama
M.B.A., Western Illinois University
B.S., Chemistry, Western Illinois University


Awards and Honors

Faculty Excellence Award, FCBA. (August 2009), Foster College of Business Administration National Council of Advisors Research Award, 2004,Caterpillar Inc. New Faculty Achievement Award for Scholarship, 1996, Foster College of Business Administration National Council of Advisors Research Award, 1996.


  • M L 353 Operations Management
  • M L 394 Supply Chain Tools and Techniques


  • Defreitas, D. G., Fink, R. L., Gillett, J. W., Cox, W. (2013).  Getting Lean and Mean at Caterpillar with ABM”.  Strategic Finance, XCIV(7), 24-33.  ).  Article won a Certificate of Appreciation in the Institute of Management Accountants’ annual Lybrand Awards manuscript competition.
  • Brown, M., Fink, R.L. (2012). Human Resource Outsourcing in Health Care: Strategic, Cost and Technical Considerations.  Southern Business Review.  37(1), 51-60.
  • Brown, M., Fink, R.L. (2011). Performance Implications of Contract Nurse Staffing. Southern Business Review.  36(1), 1-9.
  • Weinzimmer, L. G., Fink, R. L., Shanine, K., Scheunemann, B. (2010). An Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence Model Of Process-Based Strategies:   An Exploratory Investigation.  Review of Business Research.
  • Sicklesteel, K., Fink, R. L., Gillett, J. W. (2010). Whos Watching Your Back? Selecting the Right Background Screening Service. Today's CPA, 37(6), 20-23.
  • Bond, E. U., Fink, R. L., Iyer, R. (2010). Marketing Practices of the Manley Popcorn Company: A Company Ahead of Its Time, Or an Example of Timeless Marketing Principles?. Business Research Yearbook, 17(2), 712-719.
  • Gillett, J. W., Fink, R. L., Bevington, N. (2010). Executing Strategy at Caterpillar Using 6 Sigma. Strategic Finance, 91(10), 24-28.



  • Chairperson, Committee on the Use of Human Subjects in Research (CUHSR). (May 2008 – Present, Member 2002-present).