Laurence Weinzimmer

Caterpillar Inc. Professor of Strategic Management

Baker Hall 321
(309) 677-3478

Ph. D., Strategic Management, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
M.B.A., Bradley University
B.A., Management, Bradley University


Larry teaches the capstone strategic management course to MBA students, EMBA students, and in executive development programs. He regularly addresses audiences across the nation and abroad. Additionally, he works with numerous Fortune 100 companies, including General Motors Corp., Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., 3M, Caterpillar Inc., Pennzoil Co., Ashland Chemical, Timken Steel, Coors Brewing Co. and many medium-sized companies on issues relating to strategy, culture and growth.


Dr. Weinzimmer’s classroom environment is based on three principles: (1) learn by doing; (2) be challenging but highly supportive; and (3) professors should be facilitators of learning rather than lecturers. Dr. Weinzimmer has received numerous teaching awards, including the University’s First-Year Teaching Award, the Midwest Grain Products, Inc. Outstanding Teaching Award, the University’s Junior Faculty Teaching Award, and the University’s most prestigious teaching recognition, the Putnam Award. He has also received numerous teaching and advising awards from the College and from student organizations.

Currently Teaching

In addition to teaching the capstone strategic management course, Weinzimmer teaches Leadership, International Management, Creating an Effective Organizational Culture, Fostering Creativity, and Negotiations.


Dr. Weinzimmer’s research is focused in the areas of Strategic Management and Corporate Culture. Dr. Weinzimmer has published over 70 articles that have been translated to over 15 languages. He has won numerous regional and national research awards. Weinzimmer has also written four books including two best sellers, Fast Growth (2001) and The Wisdom of Failure (2012), which was ranked #1 on the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers List, #3 on the Wall Street Journal Best Sellers List and was awarded the Axiom Business Book Gold Medal for the Best Leadership Book in North America in 2013. He has frequently been featured in leading business magazines, including Fortune, Executive Excellence, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and has been interviewed by leading national news networks, including FNN, Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, ABC, and NBC Nightly News. 

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Weinzimmer, L. G., Michel, E., Franczak, J. (2013). Strategic Orientation and SME Performance: Conceptual, Operational and Relational Issues. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 24(2), 21-46.            

Weinzimmer, L. G., Robin, J., Michel, E. The measurement of strategic orientation and its efficacy in predicting financial performance. Journal of Business Strategies, 28(2), 81-99. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Michel, E., Franczak, J. (2011). Creativity and Financial Performance: the Mediating Effect of Action Orientation. Journal of Managerial Issues, 23(1), 62-83. 

Academic/Professional Meeting Proceedings

Weinzimmer, L. G., Robin, J., Wheeler, A. R. (2014). Organizational Culture in a Strategic Management Context:Construct Definition and Measurement Issues. Academy of Management. 

Robin, J., Weinzimmer, L. G., Michel, E. (in press). The Case for Culture Strength as a Predictor of Performance.. New Orleans, LA: Southern Management Association Proceedings. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Esken, C. (in press). Mistake Tolerance and Organizational-Level Performance: An Empirical Investigation. New Orleans, LA: Southern Management Association Proceedings. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Malinowski, K. (in press). The Impact of Taking a Political Position on Social Issues: An Empirical Investigation of Customer Reaction. New Orleans, LA: Southern Management Association Proceedings. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Michel, E. (in press). Performance as a Function of Strategic Aggressiveness.

Weinzimmer, L. G., Franzcak, J., Michel, E. (in press). STRATEGIC ORIENTATION AND SME PERFORMANCE: CONCEPTUAL, OPERATIONAL AND RELATIONAL ISSUES'. Southern Management Association. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Robin, J., Michel, E. (2011). Strategic Orientation, Market Orientation and Firm Performance:  Measurement and Validity. Southern Management Association. 

Weinzimmer, L. G., Michel, E., Robin, J. (2011). Strategic Orientation as a Cultural Attribute: Operationalization and Reliability. Southwest Academy of Management.

Scholarly Books

Weinzimmer, L. & McConoughey, J. (2012).  The Wisdom of Failure: How to Learn the Tough Leadership Lessons Without Paying the Price, Wiley/Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA.  Barnes and Noble Best Seller (#1), Wall Street Journal Best Seller (#3) and Winner of the Axiom Business Book Award Gold Medal for Best Leadership Book in 2013.

Research Awards

  • "Cross-Divisional Showcase Session", Academy of Management, 2012
  • "Caterpillar Professorship", 2011

Leadership in Academic Societies

  • Board of Directors of a Company, Small Business Institute, 2008 - Present
  • Board Member, Journal of Small Business Strategy, 2006 - 2011

Practice in Field


  • Hult Center for Health Education, 2012 - Present
  • Three Peoria Hospitals, 2012 - Present
  • Economic Development Council, 2011 - 2012

Corporate and Organizational Board Memberships

  • Board of Advisors of a Company, Peoria-Area Chamber of Commerce, 2013 - Present
  • Board Member, LISC, 2012 - Present


Selected University Service

  • Presidential Appointee, Strategic Planning Committee
  • Teaching Excellence Committee
  • EMBA Implementation Committee