Management & Leadership with concentration in Business Law

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Engage Business and Society

The concentration in Business Law provides you a solid business foundation with a significant legal component such as real estate acquisition and management, business structure, securities regulation, and employment law.

Opportunity to Innovate

You will encounter numerous internship opportunities and are required to participate in a senior capstone course. 

Here, you will work on a team and provide advice and consultation to a real business client during your final semester. 

These projects may include:

  • Designing business plans
  • Analyzing markets
  • Creating and implementing customer surveys
  • Providing verbal and written reports 

You may also join leadership-oriented organizations including:

  • Women in Business
  • Phi Chi Theta, a co-ed business fraternity

Requirements for Management and Leadership with Business Law Concentration

  • PSY 101 Principles of Psychology
  • BLW 342 Legal Environment of Business
  • BLW 345 Law of Business
  • BLW 446 Employment Law
  • M L 300 Organizational Environments
  • M L 353 Operations Management
  • M L 356 Human Resource Management
  • M L 357 Leading Organizations
  • M L 358 Managerial Decision Making
  • Two of the following:
    • BLW 347 Law and the Entrepreneur
    • BLW 355 Labor-Management Relations OR CON 394 Construction Labor and Unions
    • BLW 395 Real Estate Law
    • BLW 360 Business & Intellectual Property OR COM 330 Communication Law and Ethics
    • ECO 310 Labor Economics OR 362 Economics and Law
    • PLS 317 International Law OR PLS 459 Constitutional Law OR PLS 460 Constitutional Law
  • 3 hours of M L, BLW, ENT, or MIS approved elective course(s)

Management with business law concentration majors must satisfactorily complete at least 15 hours of BLW, ENT, MIS, or ML-prefixed courses at Bradley University. Students should also note that some courses are offered only once each year.

Impact the World

Graduates experience 100% career outcomes. In this major, you will be prepared for management positions in both industry and not-for-profit settings.  Additionally, you will be well prepared for graduate-level business courses, public administration programs, law school, and other graduate school programs.

"I realized that I wanted to have more job opportunities, have something to differentiate myself, and have more breadth with my Foster College of Business education, so I added my Management and Leadership major, concentrating in Legal Studies. It added depth to my educational experience."
- Sharon Mozes '16