Management & Administration with concentration in Human Resource Management

The concentration in human resource management provides a solid grounding in the skills and concepts necessary to meet the complex and challenging tasks involved with managing human resources. The program concentrates on teaching and learning the basics of human resource management, understanding the legal implications of management’s decisions, engaging in decision-making, learning about leadership, making complex decisions, and developing the interpersonal skills essential to most effectively manage human resources and ensure that they contribute to a company’s bottom line.

Required courses:

  • BLW 355 Labor-Management Relations
  • M L 356 Human Resource Management
  • M L 357 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
  • M L 358 Managerial Decision Making
  • BLW 446 Employment Law
  • M L 456 Compensation Management
  • M L 457 Human Resource Theory & Program Design
  • ECO 310 Labor Problems
  • PSY 321 Industrial & Organizational Psychology or PSY 411 Tests & Measurements