About our Department


The philosophy of the Department of Nursing flows from the mission, vision and core values statements of Bradley University and the College of Education and Health Sciences.  Students enrolled at Bradley University are provided with distinctive educational programs and a supportive environment to fulfill their intellectual, aesthetic, and professional needs.

The faculty believe that individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan are unique and exist in micro-systems of interaction.  They have distinct biological, psychosocial, developmental, cultural, and spiritual needs.  It is the responsibility of the nurse to deliver patient-centered care as members of an inter-professional team. 

The faculty believe that professional nurses use evidence based practice in implementation of the nursing process to assist individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan in achieving optimal health. The faculty believe that a commitment to promote the common good of humankind requires professional nurses to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards of the profession.

The faculty believe that a liberal education enhances the students' ability to analyze and generate solutions to complex problems. A liberal education provides a foundation for lifelong learning and prepares professional nurses to practice as responsible citizens in a global society.

The faculty believe that nursing education is a dynamic interactive process. Baccalaureate nursing education prepares students to integrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter practice as generalists. Baccalaureate educated nurses are prepared to translate, integrate, and apply knowledge to improve patient outcomes and foster a culture of safety.

The faculty believe that graduate nursing education is a focused dynamic interactive process. Graduate nursing education builds and expands on the baccalaureate foundation.  Graduates are prepared to lead inter-professional teams to improve care and support policy through research. Graduate nursing education prepares students for professional roles as educators, leaders, managers, or clinicians.

The faculty believe that baccalaureate and graduate prepared nurses have an accountability to the common good of human kind. Inherent to the promulgation of this professional identity, professional nursing involves participation in professional organizations, workplace governance, and community involvement.


The mission of the Department of Nursing is to prepare baccalaureate and advanced practice nurses. Through faculty and student collaboration, dynamic learning environments, and mentoring, nursing graduates are prepared to be the next generation of nursing leaders and lifelong learners that will meet a global society's health care needs.


The Department of Nursing is committed to excellence in the preparation of professional nurses for a changing global society. Within the comprehensive university setting, the Department of Nursing provides a dynamic personalized nursing education.