Theresa Adelman-Mullally

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Burgess Hall 211
(309) 677-4736

B.S.N. from Mennonite College of Nursing
M.S.N. from Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University


Theresa Adelman-Mullally currently teaches Fundamental Nursing Theory and Practicum, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Theory and Practicum, Men’s Health, and Alcohol: Use and Abuse. Although a majority of her clinical career was in Emergency Nursing, she also has interests in Leadership and Mental Health.

Professor Adelman-Mullally's professional career has been varied. She became a Commissioned Officer in the US Army Nurse Corp and taught periodically at the US Army LPN School. After military service, she pursued Emergency Nursing and later, Organ Recovery Coordination. Professor Adelman-Mullally has taught nursing since 2004, but joined Bradley University in August 2009. She is particularly interested in strategies such as Concept Mapping, Classroom Response Systems, and Clinical Simulation.

Professor Adelman-Mullally is credentialed by the National League for Nursing as a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE).


Listed as one of “100 Inspiring Nursing Professors to Watch in 2014”
January 2014

Illinois Board of Higher Education’s Nurse Educator Fellowship Award
Grant amount $9061.00
December 2012

Excellence in Teaching Award
Fall 2008

Selected as a Protégé for the NLN/Johnson & Johnson Faculty Leadership and Mentoring Program
July 2008 to September 2009

College-Bound Nurse Excellence Program Mentor of the Year
June 2007

Outstanding New Clinical Assistant Professor
May 2005



Kerber, C., Adelman-Mullally, T., Kim, M., & Astroth, K.S. (2015). The impact of pathological gambling on older adults [abstract]. Journal of Behavior Addictions, 4(supp. 1), 22.

Contributing Editor/Reviewer for the 8th edition of Psychiatric mental health nursing: Concepts of care in evidence-based practice (Townsend) in November 2013 (Published January 2015).

Adelman-Mullally, T., et al. (2013). The clinical nurse educator as leader. Nurse Education in Practice, 13(1), 29-34.  (2013). 

Adelman, T. (2010, October). Comment on the Status of HB 6065-The Care of the Student with Diabetes Act. The Illinois Nurse, 6(4), 4.

Contributing Editor for Chapter 10 (Nursing Care of Clients Experiencing Trauma and Shock) in the 4th edition of Medical-surgical nursing: Critical thinking in client care (LeMone & Burke) in December 2005 (Published January 2007).

Contributing Editor for Chapter 16 (Nursing Care of Clients with Musculoskeletal Trauma) in the 4th edition of Medical-surgical nursing: Critical thinking in client care (LeMone & Burke) in December 2005 (Published January 2007).

 Contributing Editor for the End-of-Unit Review (Responses to Altered Cardiac Function) in the 4th edition of Medical-surgical nursing: Critical thinking in client care (LeMone & Burke) in December 2005 (Published January 2007).

Professional Presentations


“The Impact of Gambling Disorder on Older Adults” Oral Presentation (second author) at the ICBA in Budapest, Hungary , March 18, 2015

“Reflections on leadership: The clinical nurse educator” Group presentation at the NETNEP 2010 3rd International Nurse Education Conference in Sydney Australia, April 13, 2010


“Meaningful Mentorship: Outcomes of the NLN/Johnson & Johnson Faculty Development Cohort 2008-2009” Group presentation at the NLN Education Summit 2010 as a Concurrent Session, October 1, 2010

 “The Clinical Nurse Educator as Leader” Group presentation at the NLN Education Summit 2009 as a Concurrent Session, September 25, 2009


 “The Impact of Pathological Gambling on Older Adults” PhD Student Poster Presentation at the MNRS 36th Annual Research Conference, April 14, 2012


To the Profession

National League for Nursing (NLN)

American Nurses’ Association (ANA)

         Illinois Nurses’ Association (INA)

         Member of the INA Editorial Committee November 2008-August 2010

 American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA)

International Society of Nurses on Addictions (IntNSA)

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)

          Xi Pi Chapter of STTI

          Epsilon Epsilon Chapter of STTI

                    Governance Committee Chair (installation April 2015)

Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS)

          Member of Research Section “Addiction and Substance Abuse” April 2011-September 2012 

To Bradley University/EHS/Department of Nursing

Faculty Mentor

Spring 2015 and Academic year 2011-2012

Member of the Nursing Department Special Committee Policies and Bylaws

August 2014 to present

            Chair August 2014 to present

Member of the Nursing Department Curriculum Committee

August 2011 to present

Ad Hoc Committee for Development of Clinical Evaluation Tool for change to

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading

Member of the Nursing Department Level 1 Committee

August 2009 to May 2011

August 2013 to present

            Level 1 Coordinator August 2013 to May 2014

            Course Coordinator Fall 2015

Member of the Nursing Department Level 2 Committee

January 2010 to May 2011

January 2014 to present

            Course Coordinator Spring 2015

            Chair Spring 2015

Member of the EHS College Election Committee

August 2010-present