Janet Jackson

Assistant Dean for the College of Education & Health Science and Assistant Professor of Nursing

Westlake Hall 302B
(309) 677-2534

M.S., Nursing, University of Oklahoma
BSN, University of Missouri
ADN, Missouri Western State University


Janet Jackson currently teaches a component of the medical-surgical content in the classroom and the simulation lab as well as the role exploration course for seniors. She serves as Faculty Liaison to the Smith Career Center, facilitating students' participation in internships and externships.  Professor Jackson is a member of the graduate faculty and guides graduate students’ capstone projects. She has also served as the Simulation Coordinator for the Nursing Program and the Accelerated BSN Program Coordinator.

Professor Jackson joined the Bradley University nursing faculty in 1989.  Prior to that time she taught at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas and Methodist Medical Center School of Nursing in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Her clinical experience includes critical care nursing and home-health nursing.


Professor Jackson’s current research is related to mentoring nursing faculty, e-learning, and simulation in nursing education.  Other research interests include the success of transfer students in baccalaureate nursing programs and predictors of success on the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.