Nursing Student Athletes

Nursing majors Lynsi Hermann, a senior (L) and Marissa Peterson, a sophomore (R) in the nursing skills lab at Bradley University

February 9, 2011

This week at Bradley University the Athletic Department recognized student athletes at the Academic Honor’s Luncheon.  To be recognized for Academic Honors, student athletes must have completed at least one full year at BU and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.

Marissa Peterson and Lynsi Hermann, both nursing majors in the Department of Nursing at BU were recognized for their academic success at the luncheon.

Marissa is a sophomore and is the manager of the volleyball team and is the captain of the club team.  When asked how she manages academic and athletic responsibilities she identifies effective time management as an important skill.  Additionally sleep is sometimes not available to her in great quantities especially when she is burning the midnight oil studying for an exam.  Marissa chose Bradley University because of its size.  Big enough to provide majors and activities that are of interest but not so big that she is lost in the shuffle.  Marissa is happy with her choice.  She gets to participate in a sport that she loves and now as a sophomore nursing major she is digging into nursing theory courses and is in clinical taking care of real patients. 

Lynsi is a senior and is in Cross Country & Track.  The 1600 meter run is her specialty in addition to the nursing skills she has learned at BU.  Lynsi clutches her daily planner and credits her use of it as the main reason she is able to manage her time between athletics and academics.  As an athlete in grade school and high school, managing sports and academics now comes second nature to her.  Lynsi is happy with her choice in Bradley because of the emphasis on academic excellence.  At Bradley, Lynsi has experienced the high level of support afforded to students and athletes.  This support is the reason she can receive a quality education and also participate in a sport she loves. 

Both Marissa and Lynsi stated that an important factor in choosing Bradley is that they were accepted as a freshman into the nursing major.  Other nursing programs require that you complete two years of course work and then apply to the nursing major.  With their busy lives, Marissa and Lynsi didn’t want the extra stress of worrying about being accepted into the major of choice.  That made Bradley’s Nursing program a unique and attractive choice.

Congratulations to Marissa and Lynsi!