Hamer Recipient of Distinguished Service Award

Senior Nursing Major Aramis Hamer

February 22, 2011

Aramis Hamer received the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her leadership and service to the Multicultural Student Council at Bradley University.    Aramis came to Bradley with a drive to help her community and she felt the best way for her to get involved was to volunteer with the Multicultural Student Council.  As a freshman she recognized the need to increase the number of health fairs that address multicultural health issues.  As the current Vice-President of the Bradley NAACP Chapter, Aramis is busy advising the health fair chairperson and also running the funding committee for the GC JumpOff.  The GC JumpOff is a week full of events that serve to promote multicultural unity among students on the Bradley Campus.

As if her studies and work with the NAACP were not already enough, Aramis also volunteers at Peoria Friendship house to mentor youth showing the opportunities they may not have considered possible.  She also volunteers at Loaves & Fish helping to feed the hungry in the Peoria area.

Congratulations to Aramis on receiving the Distinguished Service Award.