Why Choose Nursing?

The Bradley Commitment

The Bradley University commitment is the assurance that is given to every prospective undergraduate nursing student that if you are accepted into the nursing program and maintain the stated grade point index, you are assured a seamless progression into the clinical nursing phases of your education.  There is no second application process.  There is no uncertainty.  This is our commitment. 

The Bradley University commitment to prospective graduate nursing students is one of maximum flexibility.  We will work with you to establish a study program that is compatible with our changing lifestyles.

Terrific Faculty

Our faculty are wonderfully diverse and yet totally united in our passion for the profession of nursing and our love for nursing education.  Faculty are enthusiastic to share with students their research pursuits, while clearly focusing upon the process of learning that is needed to become an excellent nurse. 

Why Choose Nursing Online?

Access To State-Of-The-Art Technology

From the classrooms to the computer labs to the skills labs, both undergraduate and graduate nursing students have “hands on” opportunities to learn from dynamic faculty who use dynamic software.

Excellent Clinical Opportunities

As a Bradley undergraduate nursing student, you will begin clinical experiences in the sophomore year. Each semester the clinical opportunities will increase. Experiences in hospitals, clinics, community health agencies, and service organizations are just a few of the places you will provide nursing care.

As a Bradley graduate nursing student, opportunities to implement advanced nursing skills in areas of administration and nursing education throughout the community are ready for you.

Preparation For Licensure And Work

Both undergraduate and graduate programs prepare our students to face the challenges of licensure tests, and they generally do very well. They also find great career-building jobs. Our placement rate for BSNs and MSNs is 100% within six months of graduation.