DPT group wins sAAOMPT Video Award

June 8, 2010

What started out as a class assignment last summer turned into an award-winning project for one DPT Class of 2011 group. Consisting of Mark Buettner, Joe Byrnes, Elliot Cohee, Ashlee Pierson, and Keith Scott, the group won a student American Academy of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapists (sAAOMPT) Video Award in October 2009.

Held for anyone interested in submitting a video that promoted manual physical therapy, the contest awarded the winning group $100 toward their conference fee for the AAOMPT Conference in Washington, D.C., in October 2009.

The winning project was an assignment from Drs. Cheryl Sparks and Joe Kelly's Spine Orthopaedic course held last summer. They asked their students to create an educational video, podcast, or newsletter that would teach either physical therapists or patients about a particular evidence-based topic. The winning group chose “Clinical Prediction Rule (CPR) and the use of spinal manipulation for low back pain” based on the studies produced by Flynn et al., which validated a CPR to determine which low back pain patients would benefit from lumbopelvic manipulation. The group re-created a Billy Mayes infomercial to “sell the PT” this CPR.

Buettner said his group’s video turned out so well that he submitted it to the sAAOMPT contest in August and completely forgot about it. “The day before the conference began I received an e-mail stating our video won their contest,” Buettner recalled. “How’s that for advance notice?”

View the winning sAAOMPT video on YouTube by searching “DPT students on the clinical prediction rule for lumbopelvic manipulation.”