Update from Class of 2011

June 8, 2010

We have just completed our fall semester of neurological rehab and teaching and learning in physical therapy. While most of our time was spent learning to apply neurological principles to treatments and honing these techniques, the teaching and learning class provided us with immeasurable experiences. We were given the opportunity to practice our teaching skills with groups of students at Bradley University and in the community.

In collaboration with the Department of Nursing at Bradley, we taught sophomore students the practical skills and importance of proper gait training with assistive devices, body mechanics, bed positioning, and transfer techniques. In addition, we went to Peoria schools—St. Marks and Holy Family—and taught elementary and middle school children about body image and fitness. These experiences were a great way to reinforce what we know, gain further experience in teaching people of all ages, and share our knowledge with the community and other future health care professionals.

With finals now behind us, we are all ready to relax and enjoy our winter break, and to return for classes in the spring well rested and rejuvenated.

Katie Bowen '11