Update from Class of 2012

June 8, 2010

It’s hard to believe we are more than halfway finished with our first year of PT school! We made it through the rigors of orthopedics class and other schoolwork. With our first clinical rapidly approaching in January, we are excited and anxious to apply our new knowledge of evidence-based practice. Most people are staying in Illinois for their clinical, but one is traveling to Kentucky.

The cookbook fundraiser for our trip to Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans in 2011 is still in the process of being assembled. However, we recently had a successful ugly sweater sale on campus for those ever-popular holiday parties.

Our class made short videos about evidence-based practice as a way to help clinicians and patients make the best decision about the care they provide or receive. A quick search on YouTube, and you can easily watch our fantastic acting skills. Outside of class, we participated in volleyball and flag football intramurals this season.

Danielle Cooper '12