Doctor of Physical Therapy program gaining strength

February 18, 2011

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Bradley is less than three years old, but is growing in distinction quickly and drawing applicants from across the nation.

The newest class of doctoral students was recently accepted, and they possess the same strong credentials as their predecessors.

The most recent applicant pool included about 290 students. From that number, a select 24 students will receive a spot in the program. They will comprise the program’s seventh cohort.

Dr. Steve Tippett is the chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and Health Science at Bradley. He said when looking for qualified students, 60 percent of the decision is based on academics, but 40 percent is based on external factors.

“We’re really looking for well-rounded individuals,” Tippett said.

Those external factors include experience in healthcare or physical therapy, overall service and volunteer work, as well as other things that can set a student apart from the pack such as a mission trip or study abroad. Students who are involved in activities outside of the classroom have an advantage.

The newest class of students will begin instruction this May. As with most Bradley degree programs, the key to this program’s success is providing an intimate, personalized academic experience backed by supportive faculty and staff.

“Our small class sizes really allow us to be truly student focused,” said Tippett. “Some places have 60 people in a lab and you just have to watch what’s happening on a video screen. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen here.”

With an experienced faculty who collaborate well with one another as well as with their students, the doctor of physical therapy program continues to grow stronger with each new class.