Teaching Major

Secondary Education

Students preparing to teach physics at the high school level must complete the requirements for a secondary teaching certificate to be certified in the state of Illinois. This consists of a minimum of 38 semester hours in professional education courses. The courses used to fulfill the General Education requirement must also be chosen to fulfill certification requirements. Secondary education-physics teaching majors are also required to take courses that will qualify them to be certified in a second teaching area which will require that from 6 to 15 semester hours be completed in the area chosen. Students must consult with advisors from both the Department of Physics and the College of Education and Health Sciences.

Environmental Science - Physics

Bradley offers a major in environmental science sponsored jointly by the departments of biology, chemistry, geological sciences and physics. Students may choose the physics concentration, ENSP, and be advised by a faculty member in the Department of Physics. Students in this program must complete the core courses and additional department requirements.