Psychology Major

Understanding and explaining behavior is the central challenge of Psychology. Behavior encompasses the whole spectrum of thoughts, feelings, relationships, percepts, and actions. Such a broad construct necessarily draws from both the natural and social sciences; consequently, Psychology majors at Bradley are exposed to a wide range of findings and theories in their coursework.  They become proficient in understanding and applying the scientific method to the study of thought and behavior.  Majors also learn how scientific findings in the discipline can be applied to a variety of social and behavioral problems.

Psychology majors are encouraged to extend their education beyond the classroom.  They may engage in collaborative research with faculty, participate in practicum experiences that apply psychological knowledge to social and behavioral problems, and gain leadership and volunteer experience through membership in Psychology Club and/or Psi Chi: the International Honor Society in Psychology.

Honors Program

Honors research in Psychology permits students to actively pursue questions and interests in a supportive and collaborative environment.  The end result, an honors thesis, is a substantial achievement.  Recent graduates of the honors program have been accepted into excellent graduate programs in clinical psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, school psychology, neuropsychology, and other allied fields.

Honors research in the Psychology Department is supported by the Daniel J. Elias Endowment Fund.

Students seeking more information or application materials may contact Dr. Tony Hermann, Honors Program Director.