Patricia Chrosniak

Associate Professor

Westlake Hall 241
(309) 677-3199

Ph.D., Educational Psychology from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
M.S., Speech and Hearing Science from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
B.A., Philosophy/Education from Niagara University


Patricia Chrosniak is involved in two of her areas of expertise, reading and educational psychology. She teaches courses at the undergraduate level in reading methods for elementary and secondary education majors. She also teaches the first general secondary methods course to all secondary education majors. At the graduate level, Dr. Chrosniak has been involved with the BU Curriculum & Instruction Committee to revise and update the course offerings for the Illinois Reading Teacher endorsement. She teaches graduate reading courses in this program that include foundations as well as clinical preparation. Dr. Chrosniak’s instructional philosophy requires students to be involved in project-based learning, utilizing instructional technology in every class. As the field of education changes, she has strived to understand and become proficient in the use of technologies that are found in the nation’s schools. Her students are always involved in developing materials and strategies using technology (e.g., creating wikis, using Google programs, advanced techniques for power point). They are required to study current theories and practices in reading, utilizing key Internet sites (e.g., George Lukas Educational Foundation, The Alliance for Excellent Education, The Center for Educational Reform).


Dr. Patricia Chrosniak’s research is two-pronged. It has evolved from her experiences as a classroom teacher as well as her consulting in schools throughout the United States. First, she maintains an active publishing record regarding language learning and linguistics. She has published several chapters in three encyclopedias and books as well as journal articles on the origins of language, how people use language across the world, and how people learn language—especially literacy. Dr. Chrosniak has been involved in contrastive studies regarding the development of reading in individuals with normal hearing and those who are deaf. The second prong of her research is applied. Dr. Chrosniak has conducted studies on methods of reading instruction. This research includes the application of visual literacy strategies by children and youth (hearing and deaf) and the use of assistive technology, especially the Reading Pen (Wizcom Technologies). In her applied research, she has written and obtained many grants to support and train teachers in integrating key strategies in reading instruction. Dr. Chrosniak has presented her research at the international, national, and state levels. Her favored organizations are the National Reading Conference, the International Froebel Society, the Campus Technology Organization, the Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the Illinois Reading Council.


Dr. Chrosniak is involved in endeavors nationally, within the Bradley Community as well as in the local and regional communities. Nationally, she has presented reading workshops and has consulted with schools from Massachusetts to California. She has been very active in providing workshops in schools in the State of Illinois. Her consultations include assisting schools in the Chicago area to develop policies for reading instruction for both hearing and deaf children and youth. At the University and College levels, Dr. Chrosniak participates in several committees. Some of these are the Committee on Academic Technology Excellence, the Bradley Affirmative Action Committee, the College of Education and Health Sciences committees on technology, and the strategic planning committee. Within the Teacher Education Department, Dr. Chrosniak serves on the Library Committee, the Secondary Education Committee, the Alumni Relations Committee, and the Elementary Education Literacy Committee. She is especially active in the local community in service to those who are economically challenged. Dr. Chrosniak is a member of the Board of Governors for the nonprofit organization, Common Place, whose main goal is the promotion of literacy in Peoria’s southside. Another endeavor is the provision of reading materials for the new OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois, an affiliate of St. Jude. On several occasions she has been asked to perform formal diagnostic assessments of reading abilities in area children. Dr. Chrosniak is one of very few in central Illinois who has the expertise in the evaluation of children, youth, and adults in reading. She has served as a reading proficiency and language competence consultant to area schools and to a Peoria law firm.