If you plan to teach in public schools, you’ll need certification.

  • All education students must take required state tests. One test they must take before beginning senior-division courses is the state Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP, formerly Basic Skills Test). The TAP test may be waived by an ACT Plus Writing score of 22 or higher.  Each student will be required to pass the state content area subject matter test prior to student teaching and the Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) test before the end of student teaching.  Students must also complete the clinical/field experiences.
  • Master’s degree students who are pursuing certification must pass the same state tests, as well as complete all the clinical/field experiences.

Our programs specifically address the standards set forth in the state of Illinois Professional Teaching Standards and those specified in the NCATE/CAEP standards. This alignment of coursework, projects, assignments, and experiences ensures that students are well prepared to obtain certification and licensure.