Illinois Reading Council Annual Conference

Pamela Gargiulo ’11 and her daughter Aislynn, 10, meet author Marc Brown at a book signing at the annual conference of the Illinois Reading Council in March 2011.

March 2, 2011

Four preservice teachers of elementary and special education took their new expertise in reading instruction to their first professional conference. Julie Ireland ’11, Sarah Kwak ’11, Rebecca Turoff ’12 and Becky Davis ’11 presented a panel session, Cinderella Slipper Fits: Using Cinderella Stories from Around the World, at the annual conference of the Illinois Reading Council last March. In their presentation they demonstrated the use of Cinderella stories paired by geographic regions — Korea and China, Iran and Iraq — to provide children with instruction in reading in conjunction with the social studies. A special addition to the presentation was commentary by Pamela Gargiulo ’11 and her daughter, Aislynn, 10, regarding diversity and understanding of native Americans and first nations through Cinderella tales. Pam belongs to the Ojibwa First Nation in Ontario, Canada. She and her daughter presented in native dress. Other highlights of the IRC conference included opportunities to hear noted authors of children’s books such as Mordecai Gerstein, Robert Burleigh and Marc Brown, and to attend book signings.