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Mrs. Maureen Kelly

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August 2, 2011

Administrative assistants

This year Mrs. Virginia Dien, administrative assistant, retired. Mrs. Dien had been the engine for the teacher education ship for nine years. Her responsibilities went far beyond those that are designated on the Bradley job description. She will be especially missed by all faculty who came to depend upon her for complex as well as mundane tasks. But, as with the seasons, change brings new life. Teacher education has welcomed Mrs. Maureen Kelly, below, to the administrative assistant position. From the very onset, Mrs. Kelly has accepted every challenge and responsibility, large and small. She has already made her mark in the department with high energy and alertness to the innumerable details of her job.

Clinical experiences coordinator and certification officer

In summer 2011, Dr. Deborah Van Hoorn resigned her post as clinical experiences coordinator and certification officer. She had served the college for five years. Dr. Noreen Dillon, below, assumed the multifaceted position. She is rarely seen without her hands on her computer keyboard while balancing a phone on her shoulder. From the start, Dr. Dillon has taken time to visit area schools, attend area meetings and training sessions of the Illinois State Board of Education, and provide meetings for supervisory staff and students involved in preservice practica. For the teacher education department, she has also taken on the responsibilities for adjusting and improving upon clinical procedures and requirements together with the faculty clinical committee. A mother of three children, Eoin and twins Connor and Declan, she bridges some of her maternal skills with those required in her professional roles.