Textbook and resources adoption project

Melissa Zinnecker ’12 presents resources that she and Lauren Obermaier ’12 and Tom Galla ’12, chemistry teachers, have prepared for a mock school board.

October 2, 2011

A major component of the course ETE 360 Teaching Reading in the Content Fields is the study of resources and textbooks for secondary education courses, and those for teachers of art, music, and foreign languages. The final project for this study requires a presentation of two sets of course materials that have been researched by those who will teach in a particular content area. The audience is a mock school board of BU and community members who judge the presentations and make a decision regarding which materials their “school” will adopt. This year, textbook publishers were especially cooperative and donated many new resources (hard copy and e-texts) that are put into the Cullom-Davis Library upon completion of the event.