Spotlight on a first-year teacher

September 2, 2011

Caleb Waddell ’11 accepted a teaching position at Peoria Manual Academy. He completed his student teaching at Manual in the ninth grade academy in spring. During that time, Caleb’s initiative to integrate technology in his lessons, as well as his creativity in preparing hardcopy materials tailored to specific literature units, enabled his students to be engaged at their own levels of capability as well as being challenged to learn. His cooperating teacher, Tenesha Huley, said Caleb was professional and showed a sincere dedication to teaching while under her mentorship. Currently, as a teacher in the senior division of Manual Academy, Caleb is teaching 11th grade English. This is a particularly critical year for students who must prepare for national as well as state tests. Caleb has a special proclivity towards writing, and his students feel his energy. Whether teaching The Crucible, or more current literature, Caleb is able to show his passion for his field. As with every first-year teacher, we at Bradley understand the hard work he must do to prepare his lessons and to maintain energy as a colleague.