Highlighting A Special Graduate Student: Anastasia Czernetskaya

Anastasia Czernetskaya at the December Commencement Ceremony with Dr. Dean Cantù, Professor and Chair of Teacher Education.

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December 14, 2013

The Teacher Education Department had the privilege to enable graduate studies for Anastasia Czernetskaya from Barnaul, Russia. She chose to study education beginning in fall 2012 and earned her MS degree in Curriculum and Instruction in December 2013. As a graduate assistant in the department, Anastasia participated with professors in their research, and her proposal was accepted to present at the annual conference of the Illinois Association of Teacher Educators (IATE) in November 2013. Anastasia also received a scholarship from the Peoria Area Friends of International Students (PAFIS). 

It has been a pleasure to share with Anastasia and to learn about her culture. Her home, Barnaul, is in the West Siberian Plain on the Ob River, near the border of Kazakhstan. It also is not far from Mongolia and China. The city has several venues for performing and visual arts, including the Altai State Theater for Children and Youth. Anastasia’s parents, Artur Chernetsky and Natalia Chernetskaya, had been patiently waiting for the day that their daughter would graduate from Bradley University. Although they were not able to travel to attend graduation, they were able to watch the entire event live-streamed on the Bradley website.

Anastasia will stay for one more year to complete an Optional Practical Training related to her major. At this writing, she is in the process of securing that internship.

Anastasia has shared her perceptions regarding her experiences at Bradley: “My Bradley experience was wonderful. I cannot say that it was easy; it was very challenging, especially writing my thesis in English. I definitely learned a lot not only from the classes I took, but also from my experience as a grad assistant, and of course from those wonderful people surrounding me at Bradley throughout my program. My professors and friends at Bradley made a difference in my life and helped me in my learning and in accomplishing my goals. I am very grateful to them.”