Westlake Hall a lasting treasure

March 4, 2010

Buildings like Westlake Hall are lasting treasures. They remain from the early days and link us to another era. Memories emanate from its walls and echo through its hallways. Its clock tower is both a symbol and source of fierce pride in Bradley’s heritage.

Today, Westlake Hall is home to the College of Education and Health Sciences, which is rapidly outstripping the landmark building’s ability to support the learning needs of its students.

A new generation is coming. It’s time to get ready. We have a legacy to pass on.

Our plans to expand and renovate Westlake Hall will transform this historic building into one of the premier classroom buildings on campus while retaining its classic architectural features.

Upon completion, Westlake Hall will be a modern academic building with 85,000 square feet of academic space, classrooms, labs, and offices. It will be a symbol of Bradley’s responsive learning culture.

Westlake Hall will include:

  • “Smart” classrooms powered by computers and Internet2 capabilities
  • Labs for science and mathematics education, as well as language arts, reading, and literacy
  • Counseling classrooms and counseling research and training
  • Complete production center for teaching materials
  • Loading ramps and elevators to scale up our supply and support for advanced learning
  • Offices for the Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service