BU Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff Affected by Central Illinois Tornadoes

November 17, 2013

This year, the winter holidays were difficult for many in the Bradley University family due to the devastation wrought by the November 17, 2013 tornadoes in Washington, East Peoria and Pekin, Illinois. Efforts for supporting those whose homes were damaged or destroyed, continue to be steady and strong.

Bradley University students and staff have participated in several initiatives to provide material goods as well as money for the three affected cities. Many made comfort blankets for children and collected food and clothing, and each weekend volunteers are coordinating efforts for sustained support in Service on Saturdays.


The Bradley University Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter hosted a fundraiser for the tornado victims, inviting other Illinois university associations to join forces. Over $9,000 was raised.  Read the full story below.


Please consider contacting the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army to add to the funds to support those in Central Illinois who have been affected by the November tornado.

Another organization providing continued support of the efforts to rebuild Washington is Robbie Gould’s Goulden Touch. Robbie is a Chicago Bears placekicker who organized his teammates to come to Washington several times to help rebuild. His website includes options for contributions, such as the purchase of a special T-shirt.