Health Insurance

To ensure your health and wellness, we recommend all students carry comprehensive health and accident coverage, which can be met either through a parent’s insurance plan or private insurance. To assist our students in obtaining health coverage for their time at Bradley, we are pleased to present the following options available through Gallagher Koster:

Domestic Students: For those domestic students who do not have access to insurance, we are providing information on the American College Student Association (ACSA) Medical Insurance Plan, available to our students on a voluntary basis.

This plan features:

  • The strength of the United Healthcare Choice Plus network locally and nationally
  • Low annual deductibles: $250 in-network and $500 out-of-network
  • Coverage at 80% in-network & 60% out-of-network
  • Physician’s Office visits covered at 80% after a $25 Copay in-network
  • Benefit maximum of $1,250,000 per policy year
  • Prescription drug card with low copays
  • Preventive care services with no deductibles, copays or coinsurance
  • Worldwide Coverage including Medical Evacuation, Repatriation & Travel Assistance Services

*Please note that due to filing restrictions, coverage under ACSA is only available through January 31, 2014. At that time, students will be directed to enroll in the Health Care Exchange offered by their home state.

International Students: For those international students who do not have insurance through a U.S.-based insurance carrier, there are two options:

Option 1: 

The Gallagher Koster International Students & Scholars Plan (ISS) at is available on a voluntary basis. You may be covered under this plan if you are a Non-United States citizen with a current passport or visa traveling outside your home country to the United States to engage in full time international educational activities. Please note that International students are NOT automatically enrolled in this plan as they have been in previous years.

Plan Highlights Include:

  • First $5,000 Covered Expenses paid at 80% after the applicable deductible; thereafter, 100% of Covered Expenses to the $250,000 Aggregate Maximum
  • Freedom of Choice - Insureds will be covered at any hospital or doctor's office for service
  • Outpatient Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
  • Worldwide Assistance Services - Offers 24-hour emergency travel assistance services including Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains
  • Low cost of $75 per person, per month

This plan does not include coverage for preventive or routine care- it is designed to only cover emergency accidents and sicknesses. 

Option 2:

(Your choice, after arrival in the U.S.) Obtain health insurance on your own after arriving at Bradley but before registering for classes. You will still need to present proof of your insurance coverage to the Graduate School. Students from India might consider the policy offered by (Compass Gold) among others.

The coverage must include “major medical” and should be for no less than one year, renewable.