Food & Drink Policy

The Cullom-Davis Library aims to provide not only resources but also a place for students and faculty of Bradley University to do research and study. We acknowledge that lengthy periods of study or research are exhausting and that nutrition and refreshments are both necessary and help ease exhaustion. This statement outlines the policy on food and drink in the library. It establishes guidelines for students, faculty, staff, and the general public to ensure that both the collection and equipment are protected from damage.


There is no food and/or drink in any area near computers, in Special Collections, Music and Sports Communication Resource Center, study rooms, or in the Wyckoff Room. Drinks are allowed elsewhere in the library as long as they are in a closed container. Any food, including light snacks (typically food from vending machines; e.g. chips, cookies, candies, etc.) should be consumed only on the Main (first) Floor of the library. To remain in compliance with the University’s “Comprehensive Alcohol Action Plan” NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the library.


  • NO alcoholic beverages
  • NO food and/or drink near computers
  • NO food and/or drink in Special Collections and Music & Sports Communication Resource Center
  • NO food and/or drink in study rooms without written approval from the Library Director
  • Where drinks are allowed, they must be in a closed container
  • Where food is allowed, it must not be aromatic
  • NO fast food, pizza, or other meals can be consumed in the library, except on the Main (first) Floor
  • If you spill a beverage or some other kind of food-related accident, it is your responsibility to clean it up or tell a staff member that there has been an accident
  • Food deliveries are for scheduled meetings only, AND must have the written approval of the Library Director