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Finding Books

The main library catalog provides information on all the materials that the library owns; videos, and music recordings, in addition to books. 

I-Share is the shared catalog of the over 70 university and college libraries that belong to the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).  You can use the I-Share catalog to see if books, videos or DVD’s are available for you to request to be sent here.  (You use a different procedure to get copies of articles.)  Items available in the I-Share catalog can be requested directly through a catalog link for delivery to Bradley at no charge.

Worldcat is the 3rd library catalog provided.   Worldcat is catalog that lists what materials are available through thousands of libraries located all throughout the world.   If a book, video  or DVD is not available through the Bradley library or I-Share, then Worldcat has a built in form for borrowing the item through the interlibrary loan office.

Reference Books

Consumer Education

  • Consumers' Guide to Product Grades and Terms REF TX 335 .C669 1993 Divided into twenty-one broad product categories, this book provides definitions and explanations for 8000 terms, symbols, and phrases that appear on consumer products.
  • Consumer Reports Buying Guide REF TX 335 .C59 (Current issue is at the Information Desk) An annual cumulation of reports throughout the year, this guide offers buying advice and evaluations of hundreds of brand-name products.

Fashion and Textiles

  • Contemporary Fashion REF TT 505.A1C66 2002 This two-volume set provides "information on and assessment of fashion designers active during 1945 to present."
  • Costume Technician's Handbook REF TT 507 .I47 2003 A guide to developing costumes that are personally distinctive and artistically expressive.
  • Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion REF GT 507 .E53 2005 640 articles span three volumes, with the table of contents in volume 1 and the index and a systematic outline of contents in volume 3. Entries are arranged alphabetically.
  • Fairchild's Dictionary of Fashion TT 503 .C34 Contains clothing terminology from both historical and contemporary viewpoints. Designer biographies and portraits are included in the appendix.
  • Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles REF. TT503 .C34 2003
  • Fashion Production Terms REF TT 494 .G56 Defines terms in all aspects of fashion creation and production.
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes REF GT 510 .R3313 1988 With 2000 color reproductions that cover the upper classes and royalty and the working classes, soldiers, and the poor.

Food, Dietetics, and Nutrition

  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture REF GT 2850 .E53 2003 This encyclopedia discusses food in its relation to society. The 600 articles, arranged alphabetically, cover everything from the significance of Betty Crocker to bioactive food components. Chronological scope encompasses the Paleolithic origins of hunting and current trends such as comfort food and fusion cuisine. Length of the articles ranges from less than a page for most biographies
  • Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition REF TX 349 .E63 2003 This ten-volume comprehensive set contains over 1,000 articles on all aspects of food science and nutrition.
  • Encyclopedia of Foods: a Guide to Healthy Nutrition REF TX 349 .E482 2002 This single-volume encyclopedia provides interesting facts and tips to improve dietary intake and to incorporate favorite foods into daily diets
  • Larousse Gastronomique REF TX 349 .L365 2001 In English, this one volume book chronicles the history of foods, eating, and restaurants; cooking terms; techniques from elementary to advanced; a review of basic ingredients with advice on recognizing, buying, storing, and using them; biographies of important culinary figures; and recommendations for cooking nearly everything.
  • Nutrition and Well-Being A-Z REF RA 784 .N838 2004 A comprehensive encyclopedia for those researching health and food-science topics.
  • Oxford Companion to Food REF TX 349 .D36 2006 This dictionary contains 2,650 entries on just about every conceivable foodstuff, seasoning, cuisine, cooking method, historical survey, significant personage, and explication of myth, it is supplemented by some 40 longer articles on key items.
  • Dictionary of Food and Nutrition REF TX 349 .B4115 2005 This guide features entries on hundreds of different foods and dishes, explanations of the terms on food labels, and information on nutritional value.
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America REF TX 349 .E45 2004 This two-volume work contains 770 articles discussing food and drink within the context of politics; geography; commerce; technology; medicine; class structure; agriculture; and symbolic, spiritual, and ethical values. Contains overviews of events, biographies and trends.
  • Culinary Schools REF TX 667 .C85 2003 A comprehensive guide to culinary schools in the United States and abroad. The guide provides detailed descriptions of more than 500 professional degree and apprenticeship programs.

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