Industry Analysis or Market Analysis


  1. To start Industry or Market analysis, you may want to get a list of companies doing the same business, with the help of NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) number.  NAICS codes are assigned by the Commerce Department for collection, analysis, & dissemination of data regarding businesses.  You can search for an NAICS code here: Some businesses have more than one NAICS code, but they usually designate one or two NAICS codes as primary.  Some businesses and business publications still use the precursor SIC codes (Standard Industrial Classification).  You can search for an SIC code here:
  2. With NAICS, you can get company information from these databases: Mergent Online, Lexis-Nexis, and Million Dollar Database.
  3. Next, BizMiner is the database for finding industry financial data. It produces industry statistical reports, offering industry financial analysis benchmarks for more than 5,000 lines of business and industry market trends on thousands more. Market analysis reports are available at the national and local levels down to the zip code.
  4. If consumer survey or market research data is needed, MediaMark Reporter (MRI+) offers consumer survey data and Mintel offers consumer products market research data.
  5. It is also important to know whether the business you are researching is publically owned, privately owned, or a non-profit organization. Is the product your target business produces a consumer product? A service? Is the business a manufacturer? A wholesaler? Does your target business market their product to individual consumers? To other businesses? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to research more effectively.  Some resources are limited to providing information on consumer products.  Some provide information primarily on publically owned businesses.  Having a clear understanding of the business model of your target business/industry will help you to find the most relevant information expeditiously.  For some types of businesses, the amount of published information available is smaller.  In those cases, you may have to rely primarily on general industry statistics provided by the government, and information included in trade journals, scholarly journals, and from the business in question. 

 Industry/Marketing databases for finding articles and other information

  1. ABI Inform Global. Useful for finding articles from scholarly and trade journals (including the Wall Street Journal) on business related subjects.  The default sort is by relevance, but it can be changed to “most recent”.  Many on-screen limits can be selected to target your research.
  2. BizMiner. Contains industry financial ratios, searchable by NAICS code.
  3. Business Source Elite is useful for finding articles from scholarly and trade journals (including Harvard Business Review and BusinessWeek) and makes Datamonitor Company Profile reports available from the tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Encyclopedia of Associations.The Encyclopedia of Associations is a good place to look for industry, trade, and advocacy groups that may have useful information related to your product or service.  From the link, choose Gale Directory Library, then Encyclopedia of Associations under Publications.
  5. Lexis-Nexis Academic. Includes newspaper and journal articles, legal resources (statutes, case law, regulations), and business information.  In the business section of Lexis-Nexis, you can set up a search to find lists of business by criteria you select.
  6. Market Share Reporter. You can search for products in Market Share Reporter to see who sells the most of what.  Not all products are included; mostly consumer products are included.
  7. MediaMark Reporter (MRI+). Requires registration with a Bradley email address before first use.  Use MRI+ to search for consumer questionnaire data.
  8. Mergent Online. Company information & financial, primarily publically owned, but also includes larger private companies and international businesses.
  9. Mintel. Requires registration with a Bradley email address before first use.  Mintel is a market research database, primarily oriented to consumer products.  Lifestyle reports are also included in Mintel, so if you don’t find your product by searching the name of the product, try searching the intended customers (e.g. if you don’t find a report on cameras, try searching parents for reports on marketing to a likely target demographic.)

In addition to database links, you can find some useful guides on the Library web page to link you to resources for finding information on your company/industry.  In the Guides section on the Library web site, look for the guides on finding company and industry information, marketing, and business.

General Marketing Reference Books

  • Dictionary of Marketing Communications. REF. HF5412 .G68 2004
  • Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns. REF. HF5837 .E53
  • Every Bite A Delight and Other Slogans. REF. HF6135 .U731992
  • Handbook of Marketing and Society. Ref. HF5414 .H36 2001
  • The International Dictionary of Marketing. REF. HF5415 .Y33 2002
  • Research ALERT Yearbook. REF. HQ 2044. U54 R476 (annual 2005-2009) Summaries of marketing research, including statistics, on products, markets (e.g. the affluent market, the mature market), trends, and marketing methods.
  • Advertising Red Book. REF. HF5805 .S73
  • Starch Adnorms REF. HF 6105 .U5S73 2005 Starch Readership Service measures readership of more than 400 consumer, businges, & trade magazine, as well as selected newspapers.
  • SRDS (Standard Rate & Data Service) Business Publication Advertising Source. REF. HF5905 .S723 Advertising rates for business publications. Additional titles from SRDS provide advertising rates for various media outlets. Search SRDS or Standard Rate & Data Service in the Library Catalog for a complete list.

Books About Consumer Demographics

  • American Attitudes: What Americans Think about the Issues That Shape Their Lives. HN90.P8 M58
  • American Generations: Who They Are. How They Live. What They Think. HC110.C6 M545
  • American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has Money. REF. HC 110.I5 A447
  • The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns. REF. HA214 .A6
  • Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What. REF. HC 110. C6 O34
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide. REF OVSIZ G 1046 .Q1 R3 This work provides maps of each state and some foreign countries, and provides marketing data including population, households, retail sales, passenger car registrations, and total manufacturing.
  • World Consumer Lifestyles Databook: Key Trends. REF. HF5415.3 .W67

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