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Finding Books

The main library catalog provides information on all the materials that the library owns; videos, and music recordings, in addition to books. 

I-Share is the shared catalog of the over 70 university and college libraries that belong to the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).  You can use the I-Share catalog to see if books, videos or DVD’s are available for you to request to be sent here.  (You use a different procedure to get copies of articles.)  Items available in the I-Share catalog can be requested directly through a catalog link for delivery to Bradley at no charge.

Worldcat is the 3rd library catalog provided.   Worldcat is catalog that lists what materials are available through thousands of libraries located all throughout the world.   If a book, video  or DVD is not available through the Bradley library or I-Share, then Worldcat has a built in form for borrowing the item through the interlibrary loan office.

Physics Index/Databases

General Reference

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Ref QD 65 .H3 2006-07 Provides a single volume reference work of accurate data in the fields of chemistry and physics in condensed form. These data include mathematical tables, elements, organic and inorganic compounds, chemical data, and general physical constants.
  • McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Q 121 .M3 2007 This reference provides pertinent information from all fields of science and technology. The current edition contains 7700 articles on 77 major topics in science and technology.
  • McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology. REF. Q1 .M13 1962-2009
  • Dictionary of the Physical Sciences. Ref Q 123 .E46 1987 Consists of text and tables covering physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy and all related areas of science. Entries include not only definitions but explanations, formulas, and data.

Physics Reference

  • Dictionary of Pure and Applied physics Ref. QC5 .D485 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Physics. (Handbuch der Physik) 55 Volumes Ref QC 21 .H327 This is the primary encyclopedic reference work in the field of physics. It is trilingual in English, German, and French. Some volumes are entirely in English, others have English contributions, and all have English title pages added.
  • Encyclopedia of Physics. Ref QC 5 .B44 1974 Provides a single volume source of concise information about physics. Each entry attempts to explain an area of the subject matter and is presented with a degree of sophistication appropriate to the most likely audience.
  • Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Physics. Ref QC 5 .E52 Covers all areas of physics as well as related areas such as mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, and hydraulics. Entries are directed toward a professional audience.
  • International Dictionary of Physics and Electronics. Ref QC 5 .I5 1961 Provides a comprehensive dictionary of the subject matter with subject indexes in French, German, Spanish, and Russian. A lengthy introductory essay on the history of physics is also included.  Also available freely online at
  • New Dictionary of Physics. Ref QC 5 .G7 1975 This revised edition incorporates the substantial changes that have occurred in the field since the first edition appeared in 1959. Coverage has been enlarged in such areas as solid state physics, quantum mechanics, and computer technology.
  • Physicists Desk Reference. Ref QC 61 .P49 1989 Provides rapid access to formulas, constants, numerical data, and definitions relevant to a variety of applications including acoustics, optics, nuclear physics, and solid state physics.

Astronomy Reference

  • The Astronomical Almanac for the year ... Ref. QB8.U6 A77 (earlier years shelved in circulating and documents stacks).  Also available online freely at
  • Astronomy Data Book. Ref QB 64 .R58 Contains a glossary of astronomical terms followed by discussions of the significant celestial bodies with data and tables of information.
  • Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy. Ref QB 43.2 .C35 Provides a discussion of astronomy organized by significant themes. Topics included are: "A Survey of the Universe", "Variable Stars", "Binary Stars", "The Solar System", and "Major Trends in the History of Astronomy".
  • Catalogue of the Universe. Ref QB 44.2 .M869 Provides illustrations and essays on the major visible celestial phenomena. Topics are divided into three major categories: galaxies, stars and nebulae, and the Solar System.
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Astronomy. Ref QB 14 .W413 Provides brief articles explaining the major concepts of astronomy, definitions of astronomical terms, and biographies of significant persons in astronomy.
  • Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics Ref. QB14 .E534 2001
  • Glossary of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Ref QB 461 .H685 1976 Provides concise definitions of terms and concepts relevant to astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy REF. QB136 .A55 2006
  • International Encyclopedia of Astronomy. Ref QB 14 .I58 1987 This work is organized around seven long essays on significant topics in astronomy. Subjects include the Big Bang, exploring space, interstellar matter, moons, pulsars, and superclusters. Shorter entries are arranged alphabetically around these essays.