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Finding Books

The main library catalog provides information on all the materials that the library owns; videos, and music recordings, in addition to books. 

I-Share is the shared catalog of the over 70 university and college libraries that belong to the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).  You can use the I-Share catalog to see if books, videos or DVD’s are available for you to request to be sent here.  (You use a different procedure to get copies of articles.)  Items available in the I-Share catalog can be requested directly through a catalog link for delivery to Bradley at no charge.

Worldcat is the 3rd library catalog provided.   Worldcat is catalog that lists what materials are available through thousands of libraries located all throughout the world.   If a book, video  or DVD is not available through the Bradley library or I-Share, then Worldcat has a built in form for borrowing the item through the interlibrary loan office.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality Ref HQ 21 .I68 2004
  • Dictionary of the Social Sciences Ref H 41 .D53 2002 This dictionary provides definitions of key terms, offering entries that also discuss the intellectual issues behind the terms' usage.
  • Encyclopedia of Abortion in the United States Ref HQ 767.5 .U5 P35 2002 This volume documents the history of abortion in this country from the founding of the United States to the present.
  • Encyclopedia of Aging, 3rd edition Ref HQ 1061 .E53 2006 This two-volume encyclopedia is devoted to the topic of aging, providing a compendium of nearly 500 terms and concepts related to the aging process.
  • Encyclopedia of Associations, 41st edition, Ref HS 17 .G3 Information on associations and groups throughout the world, includes addresses, phone numbers and websites.
  • Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Ref HQ 767.84 .E53 2004 Intended to provide the reader with an introduction to the wide range of issues that define the field of children's history. Articles cover topics such as history, social sciences, literature, medicine, and law as they relate to the history of childhood and children.
  • Encyclopedia of Community Ref HM 756 .E53 2003 This four-volume set focuses on the concept of community and works to explore and position that concept within many disciplines and contexts.
  • Encyclopedia of Death and Dying Ref HQ 1073 .E543 2001 This comprehensive volume is a reference to physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and cultural perspectives on death and related issues. Encompassing the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
  • Encyclopedia of Social Theory Ref HM 425 .E53 2003 Two-volume set contains coverage of historical and contemporary social theory.
  • Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide Ref HQ 1115 .G74 2003 This six-volume set documents the achievements and current challenges for l women, providing information about women's status, in matters from education to violence, in more than 130 countries in the world's most populated areas.
  • Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods Ref H 62 .S34 2004 This three volume set provides readers with essays on virtually all social science methods topics, quantitative and qualitative. Organized alphabetically, it covers research terms ranging from different methodological approaches to epistemological issues and specific statistical techniques.
  • Social Science Encyclopedia, 2nd edition Ref H 41 .S63 2004 Concise two-volume encyclopedia provides broad, authoritative, accessible coverage of the social sciences in a convenient format.
  • The Social Work Dictionary Ref HV 12 .B37 2003 Includes a list of acronyms frequently used in social work, definitions and biographical information of terms and names important to social work, a chronology of milestones in the development of social work and social welfare from ancient times to the present, the NASW Code of Ethics, and alphabetical listings of state boards regulating social work and NASW chapter offices.
  • Women's Studies Encyclopedia Ref HQ 1115 .W645 Includes topics associated with women's studies. The focus is primarily on issues current in the U.S.

Guides and Handbooks

  • Boyhood in America Ref HQ 775 .B635 2001 This book consists of more than 150 alphabetically arranged entries, ranging in length from two to five pages, each accompanied by a byline and short bibliography of issues related to growing up male in the United States.
  • Girlhood in America Ref HQ 777 .G5745 2001 This title includes over 120 alphabetically arranged essays that vary in length from a few paragraphs to several pages and are written by authoritative scholars. Topics vary but are all related to growing up female in the United States.
  • Handbook of Comparative Social Policy Ref HN 17.5 .H3357 2004 Includes subjects from a range of disciplines including social policy, sociology, politics, urban studies and public policy.
  • Handbook of Disability Studies Ref HV 1568.2 H36 This handbook represents the tensions between academic scholarship and the passion of activists; the different perspectives of disability studies and rehabilitation sciences.
  • Handbook of Qualitative Research Ref H 62 .H2455 2000 A guide for researchers to all phases of the naturalistic study of people in their social and cultural environment.
  • Handbook of Sociology Ref HM51 .H249 1988 Divided into four sections, this book covers a broad range of topics in the field of sociology. Sections include theoretical and methodological issues, bases of inequality in society, major institutional and organizational settings, and social process and change.
  • Infancy in America HQ 774 .I528 2001 This two-volume set on infancy features articles written by academics specializing in child psychology and human development.
  • Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences Ref H 41 .R417 2001 The purpose of the set is to "guide the reader towards the key texts on specific topics" in the disciplines of economics, politics, sociology, law, business and management, psychology, organizational behavior, human geography, and international relations."
  • Reader's Guide to Women's Studies Ref HQ 1180 .R43 1998 This title includes entries on some 500 topics in women's studies and women's history. Each entry consists of a listing of books on the subject (usually 6 to 12), and an essay of 800 to 1000 words.


  • County and City Databook Ref HA 202 .A36 Covers counties, cities, and standard metropolitan areas. Provides statistics on such subjects as populations, housing, employment, crime, business, and agriculture. Data is based largely on prior U.S. Censuses.
  • Disability at the Dawn of the 21st Century: and the State of the States 7th edition, Ref HV 1570.5 .U65 D575 2002 This volume provides more than 500 pages of statistics and analyses on every public dollar received and spent on services rendered to citizens with developmental disabilities in the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
  • International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2000 5th edition, Ref HA 1107 .M5 2003 Provides historical statistical information on 23 European nations, using charts and graphs. Breaks information down into broad categories such as population and vital statistics, labor force, agriculture, industry, transport and communication, finance, and education. Divides each into many subcategories.
  • International Historical Statistics: the Americas, 1750-2000 5th edition Ref HA 175 .M55 2003 Single volume provides key economic and social indicators for the last 250 years for countries on the American continent, serving as an essential reference source for both hard-to-find historical data and the latest figures available, and as a tool for comparisons between countries and across time.
  • Statistical Abstracts of the United States Ref HA 202 (Annual) Single most important source of statistics. Covers all aspects of the social, political, and economic organization of the U.S. Provides a selection of data from both government and private sources. Includes references to original sources. Up to1998. Also available online on Stat-USA.
  • Statistical Handbook on the American Family 2nd edition Ref HQ 536 .S727 1999 Covers a variety of topics on the family including marriage, divorce, children, sexual attitudes, living arrangements, working women, family violence, and elderly families. Tables and charts are used extensively.
  • Demographic Yearbook Ref HA 17 .D45 Statistics on population, natality, mortality, life expectancy, marriage and divorce for almost 250 geographical entities.
  • Who, What and Where of America: Understanding Census Results Ref HA 201.122 .W46 2003 This is an exhaustive, authoritative research and reference guide to understanding Census 2000 long form data. Contains tables of census data, as well as maps, charts and lists of figures.

Sociology Index/Databases

Multidisciplinary Index/Databases

  • Academic Search Complete General journal index of about 13,800 journals with about 9,000 journals in full text.
  • Cambridge Journals Online
  • JSTOR Archive of scholarly journals. Most titles have 3-5 years moving wall, i.e., most recent 3-5 years not available.
  • JSTOR Mobile
  • LexisNexis Academic Full-text news, company reports, court cases and law reviews.
  • MetaLib U.S. Government Information Search Tool.
  • Project MUSE Mid or late 1990s to current. Full-text journals in humanities and social sciences. Bradley has the full package.
  • Sage Journals Bradley has the 2014 premier package of Sage journals, and its 2007 deep backfile package.
  • Scopus 1966+ A multidisciplinary journal index of over 14,000 peer reviewed journals in science, technology, medicine, and social science. It provides cited reference searching from 1996 to the present. It allows searching by authors' affiliation.
  • Wiley Online Journals
  • WorldCat A free version of WorldCat, the Union catalog of libraries in the world.

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