Civil Engineering and Construction Leadership Excellence Scholarship

The CEC Leadership Excellence Scholarship provides recognition and financial support to four recent graduates preferably from Central Illinois high schools who intend to major in Civil Engineering or Construction at Bradley University. The CEC Leadership Scholarships in combination with other Bradley-funded awards can total as much as $15,000. Awards are renewable through the completion of the students' engineering degrees.

A selection committee comprised of Bradley faculty and staff will determine finalists based on the applicants' academic achievements, participation in co-curricular activities, leadership and service, and potential for success in the profession. Applicants will also be required to submit a written recommendation from a school official (teacher, counselor, principal).

Students eligible to apply for this scholarship must be admitted as first-time Fall 2016 freshmen to Bradley's Department of Civil Engineering & Construction by March 1, 2016; submit a CEC Leadership Excellence Scholarship application by March 1, 2016; rank in the top 15% of their high school graduating class; and score a minimum of a 23 on the ACT. Exceptions may be made relative to rank and ACT based on other factors relating to service and leadership.

This opportunity reflects the department's continuing commitment to promoting leadership through service and our profound loyalty to the best ideals of citizenship. Through our long-standing partnership with industry leaders, we can make this significant investment in the future of our community. We are particularly excited to support highly motivated students whose families' financial resources might preclude them from otherwise considering Bradley University.

Dr. Souhail Elhouar




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