Patrick Ellis

Patrick's Interview

Electrical Engineering


I knew I wanted to be a successful student, though the kind of student I wanted to be escaped me. Since I had no outstanding interest in a particular career, things such as college cost, location, and a simple gut feeling played the major roles in my college decision.  I visited, applied, and enrolled at Bradley without being able to say just what it was I wanted – something just fit.  It wasn’t until several months after I enrolled, that I knew my college search had succeeded.


Until my senior year, sports, particularly soccer, seemed a viable and promising path to college.  Then, a crippling track injury completely changed my outlook.  I call it my “Lucky Mistake,” for without it, I’m not sure I would have fully realized that, despite state records in soccer, numerous records at my high school, and a state championship in track, it had come time for me to focus on one thing – being a student.


One difference between Bradley and some of the schools I looked at was size. Bradley has roughly 6,000 students – enough where you will never know everyone, but when you walk to class you’re guaranteed to see at least a few people you know.  Because of size, from the education to the social life here at Bradley, you get the culture and diversity of a larger university crossed with the personal aspects that only a smaller university can offer.

Having lived both in small Illinois farming towns and large Californian metropolises, Bradley’s unique size and personalityis incredibly appealing to me.  It’s difficult to find a world class education within the bounds of a tangible, diverse, personal atmosphere, and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I never thought it would be possible to gather the perks of both places I’ve lived, but Bradley definitely encapsulated it.


I am currently an Electrical Engineering major with a biomedical concentration.  You might find my interest in biomedical research surprising, as it is a relatively new career path. New research and discoveries are being undertaken and made every day that further augment the excitement surrounding this new field.   I never close myself to options, but one day I wish to work on comprehending the coding of information passing through the sensory and motor systems, with the ultimate goal of hopefully helping out research neural diseases.


I’m enjoying all the benefits Bradley affords me outside of my academic program.  For instance, a group I am in, Engineers without Borders, is planning a trip to Honduras to help implement a water filtration system project that will provide help to the victims of Hurricane Mitch.  We will hopefully be spending this summer completing this project.   I am also an active member of Student Senate (active means you have done…or become…), FISH! Philosophy presentation group, and Club Soccer (Couldn’t quite give it up… ), and occasionally I make an embarrassing attempt to dance with our Swing Club.