Justin Keil



What I found was not what I expected. My hometown has a population of only 300 people, and I assumed I'd mostly meet people from rural Illinois. Peoria surprised me.

I'm a country boy, raised on a farm. When I was looking at colleges, Bradley stood out. Since Peoria, IL was located in the Corn Belt, I thought it would have more of the "good old boy" atmosphere. Bradley is so much more!


It's a very comfortable environment, but I've changed since I have come to Bradley. I've become more open, and have gained a lot of confidence. I started playing intramural sports including: football, basketball, volleyball, and even soccer. I rarely had time to play sports back home, and had never played soccer in my life before I came to Bradley. I love how much my life changed and have definitely developed my personality through Bradley.

Bradley has about 5,000 undergraduate students. There were only 85 students in my high school graduating class. What do I think of Bradley's size? It's perfect: it's friendly, casual, professional when needed, and it is a rarity to find someone on campus who won't wave or say "hey" as you pass by on the quad.


I visited twice, and really liked the campus and its programs, but my parents and I were still concerned about being able to afford Bradley. The wonderful financial assistance advisors sat down with me and my parents and took us step by step through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (that's the FAFSA). Even though Bradley started out more expensive than the other schools I was looking at, it all worked out.


Originally, I thought that I wanted to go into engineering and chose Bradley because of the prestige of their engineering program. Later, I realized that I wanted to do something related to agriculture, specifically, Agricultural or Grain Marketing and left the engineering department for its college of business.

Even though Bradley didn't have an agriculture major, I really liked being here. Everyone is friendly, and it's a very safe environment. I realized that I could switch my major to marketing, and still have the educational experience I needed to accomplish my career goals

Not to mention, Bradley has such a comfortable environment. Not only do I get individual attention from staff and my professors, but I've become more social and have tried new things and met different people. It's perfect.