Adam Zimmerman

Adam's Interview

Interactive Media


During high school, everyone had big dreams of going off to the largest state schools they could think of. I wanted something different.

Some of my first classes at Bradley were as small as ten people. This created an environment that made asking questions and learning easy and comfortable. I was able to get to know my professors quickly and have feedback that helped me to improve my work. Soon I was beginning to feel at home. After only one semester, I was working on a job in my department helping students with technology, while developing more relationships with teachers and students.

Due to my small class sizes and close relationships with my teachers I felt much more comfortable asking for additional help. Often times, my professors would come around and look at our project ideas, pointing out problems that could arise. On one occasion, I formatted my project incorrectly, and even after I had turned it in, my professor helped me correct it so I would get it right next time. I could also get help for getting internships and the skills I may need in them.

During the summer after my freshman year, I was selected to help a group of upperclassmen create the new website for the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts. This amazing experience has taught me countless lessons and skills. I began the summer knowing the basics of building a website and during the course of the summer I learned more about my college. Through this opportunity I was able to meet many teachers, faculty and administrators as we collaborated. Now, those students who I worked with have graduated and I am the go-to person.

“I helped design the college website for my department last summer. Due to the contacts I made through that experience, I was able to get an internship this summer doing media work for Congressman Aaron Schock. The networking and experiences I gained in these internships proved invaluable.”

The experiences from working on the Bradley website with the administration to get things done quickly and professionally proved invaluable. My professors also proved to be a valuable resource I could go to when I had questions about issues I had never faced before, offering me advice on photography and video production. Without the experience I had gained and the support from my teachers at Bradley I would never have had this amazing opportunity.

Bradley has been a truly amazing experience that has enabled me to meet many new people, work on engaging and challenging projects, and develop my potential to its fullest in both my field and as an overall student.