Alexandra Bluell

Psychology and Spanish

Best Summer Job Ever

At Bradley, I’ve been involved in research since my sophomore year. My research experience combined my love for working with kids with the science that I’m so interested in. Starting research early has enabled me to gain the skills necessary to create my very own senior honors thesis project. I took a class this semester to develop the project, and I was just awarded a summer research grant from Psi Chi, the psychology national honor society, to fund work on my project. Receiving a research grant will allow me to live in Peoria this summer with my friends and put a lot of time into my senior research project – best summer job ever!

Additionally, I recently finished a practicum at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois with a pediatric clinical neuropsychologist.  During my practicum, I got to sit in on the assessments of many children, and even administer tests to them!

Thanks to Bradley’s smaller size, I’ve established strong relationships with my professors that extend beyond the classroom.  I attended the Midwest Psychological Association conference in Chicago with 20 other students and 6 faculty members. We spent time together both at the conference and afterwards when we went to dinner. I really feel like my professors know me as more than just a student in their classroom.

When I came to Bradley, the one thing I was certain about was I wanted to study Spanish and that I wanted to utilize the language on a Study Abroad experience. During second semester of my sophomore year, one of my friends and I decided to apply to a liberal arts program in Seville, Spain. This was by far the best decision I made at Bradley. I attended classes in a beautiful Spanish university, traveled through Spain and other parts of Europe, and lived with a family that only spoke Spanish. I’m lucky I didn’t gain 20 lbs while studying abroad because my señora (my Spanish mom) cooked the best food, and she made sure I was never hungry. I fell in love with Seville and its vibrant culture, and I’m already planning ways to return.