Camille Ivy-O'Donnell

Communication (Public Relations) and Political Science

I’m a double major in public relations and political science, and even though I’m only a sophomore, I’m already working on campaigns and trial cases. I recently completed my first mock public relations campaign for Pooch Couture, a local business. The owner is a young BU alum, so my group was really motivated to do the best job we could! She asked my group run a survey of her customers to determine what her best selling item is. We found that her organic pet food line was most popular because her customers cared more about their pets’ health as opposed to what kind of collars they could sport. For me, the best part of my campaign was working with my group mates. I’ve never done a group project where EVERYONE in the group was so driven. It felt like real world experience, and now I’m comfortable putting together a real campaign…which is great timing, because I am having my first internship experience this summer with Mr. Roger Wallace, the Vice President of Government Affairs at Pioneer Natural Resources Company in Texas!

Giving back with Greek Life

My transition to college went over really well because I joined a ton of groups. I’m a Student Admissions Representative, and a member of Greek Life, the Student Advisory Committee and a group called Help, Empower And Teach, or HEAT. Community service is very important to me, so serving as the vice president for philanthropic services in my sorority seemed like a natural fit. I’ve found my public relations skills are constantly being utilized! Taco Dinner is our biggest philanthropy, and every year the event is well-supported by all students. Bradley’s Greek Life is unique because of the collaboration between sororities and fraternities; for this event, they provided us with our tables, tent, speakers, and chairs. After four hours of serving tacos to more than 500 students, we raised more than $4,000 for our non-profit, the Alzheimer’s Association.

Making my own experience

When I started looking, I had no clue where I wanted to go to school, but I knew I wanted my own adventure just like my parents! My mom is from Argentina, my dad grew up in New York City, and my family lives in Texas, so we’ve done a lot of moving around! I needed to make this my experience, so I could grow up on my own.

I didn’t have a good feeling at any of the schools I visited. Few admissions personnel realized I had traveled a great distance to see their school, and I couldn’t visit any professors because I wasn’t enrolled. Bradley was the last of 25 schools that I visited and I was close to settling on a local state school because I was so disheartened.

Visiting BU was easy because I had lots of contact with my admissions counselor, Hayley. We had called and emailed a great deal, and meeting her made me feel at ease. When we drove onto campus, I remember my college advisor had told me the campus was beautiful, and he was right. It was the perfect feeling I had been waiting for.