Andrew Grosman

Construction Management

Being a Cardinal in Cub land

Being a Cardinal fan in Cub-dominated central Illinois is awesome. I love the friendly harassment you get from Cubs fans because, as I like to remind them, we have the most recent ring. I also like to remind them they always have next year. Peoria is in many ways like a mini St. Louis. When I’m home, I hang out with my friends in Kirkwood, where we go to Tropical Moose and Dewey’s Pizza. When I’m in Peoria, I hang out on the Riverfront and eat at places like Burger Barge and Monical’s. Downtown Peoria has the Civic Center, which is home to the Peoria Rivermen, the minor league affiliate to the STL Blues and my favorite hockey team. The games get pretty intense since I am a die-hard STL fan. 

California internship experience

I spent the summer in San Diego working for a company in an intense internship program. My mornings began at 5 a.m., which I know was great preparation for working in construction. Walking to work through the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego was an amazing experience, especially since the weather was exactly the same every day: beautiful. In addition to the work experience, I loved the community of my company. They hosted an Intern Olympics competition, where we created a balsa wood bridge. In my free time in California, I loved to surf and cook with my roommate.

Religious life

Once I knew I would attend Bradley, I was unsure if I would be able to continue my religious practices. Having participated in B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO), I knew I wanted to seek out a similar community where I could hang out with students who were like me. When I came to Peoria, I was surprised to discover a local church and a Hillel on campus. The Hillel outreach is great here. They have renovated the existing Hillel House so that more students can attend the Sunday Bagel Brunch, which is always a great time for us to get together.

Bradley family

When my dad and I left Bradley after visiting for the first time, he turned to me and said “You’re going,” which I was excited about…but I knew he was going to have to sell my mom on sending me to a school in Illinois. As I thought, my mom said she had to visit Bradley to check it out herself. My parents are both University of Missouri alums, and I think it was difficult for her to imagine me as anything but a Tiger. Luckily, it only took one visit for my mom to also fall in love with Bradley, and now that my brother Adam is here, we’re all pretty passionate about BU. My mom serves on the Parent’s Board and she feels a part of the Bradley family as well. She loves to help recruit in St. Louis, and always talks about how our family views attending BU as an investment in our future.