Michelle Frye

Criminal Justice Studies and Political Science

Other universities were always telling me what to think

Criminal justice programs are highly opinionated and political.  Other universities were always telling me what to think; whereas when I visited here, they were trying to teach students critical thinking skills, rather than what to think.

I chose Bradley’s Criminal Justice Studies program because I could tell the students and faculty here want to go deeper.  Most criminal justice programs teach you how to be a good police officer, but at Bradley we are learning how people think, why people commit crimes, and how to keep them from re-offending.  Many of my classmates are going on to graduate school or law school.

Through my internship and research for school, I realized I wanted to be a lawyer.  The more you learn about the criminal justice system, the more you see how prosecutors make arguments and bring charges.  I feel as if they have the most influence, and I am looking to be the person to make the change.

When I began my freshman year, I immediately got involved with the Bradley Mixed Martial Arts Club.  I started training under Bradley’s Grand Master, which has been awesome because there are only a handful of grand masters in the world.  MMA has also given me an amazing opportunity to help others.  The MMA Club practices in the Markin next to a room where students are training service dogs.  After seeing how the Paws Giving Independence group operated, I knew I had to get involved.  I talked to the people who own the St. James Apartments where I live, and they made a special consideration for me.  I am now training a hypoallergenic service dog who will eventually go live with someone in a wheelchair.

I’m really proud of Bradley for hosting the Late Night BU events.  There is a good population of students on campus who know that drinking isn’t for them, and Late Night BU offers those students an alternate social scene.  Having LNBU and Markin open really late, you see kids are now out socializing more instead of being stuck in their dorms because they don’t want to drink.