Daily Visits

Weekday Individual Visits
Weekday visits are throughout the year and you can register online.

Sophomores and juniors will receive a tour of campus and can then choose to have a meeting with an admission counselor or an admission presentation with a student panel.

High school seniors and transfer students will receive a campus tour, meet with an admission counselor and can meet with a faculty member.

Click here to register for a Weekday Individual Visit.

Monday, Friday and Saturday Group Presentations
For high school students who would like a group presentation and tour or to visit us on a Saturday, we have several opportunities throughout the school year. These presentation visits will include a group presentation and walking group tour. The presentation and tour will begin at the appointed time, so please arrive on time. The visit will last approximately two and a half hours. Unfortunately, private visits and/or faculty appointments are not available on Saturdays. When planning a Saturday visit, please take into consideration that many of our campus buildings are closed on the weekends, giving you a very limited view. If you would like to see more of our campus, please consider a Weekday Individual Visit or visiting during one of our Visit Programs, where you will have the opportunity to meet with faculty and tour their facilities.

If you find yourself in the Peoria area on a day that when we are not open, you can obtain a campus map and admission materials just outside of the Office of Undergraduate Admission next to the University Bookstore. If you have any questions, please call our Visit Coordinator at (309) 677-1000.

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Visit Programs
If you wish to experience more of Bradley, we highly recommend that you attend one of our visit days. Visit programs include many opportunities to meet with Bradley faculty, students and admission counselors.

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Visit Questions
Please contact our Visit Coordinator at (309) 677-1000 or e-mail admissions@bradley.edu with any questions or concerns.