Yolanda Grajeda

Yolanda's Interview



I am the President of the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS),  a well known organization on Bradley’s campus, and last year I was the only freshmen member of the Student Activities Budget Committee. My involvement has given me the opportunity to build close working relationships with administrators and really develop my leadership skills. People recognize me as a leader on campus and I’m proud of that.

Last spring I represented Bradley at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute. I was thrilled at the idea of being around other Hispanic student leaders and I knew I wanted to return the following year. This year, as President, I approached several University Administrators and raised enough money for myself and ten other ALAS members to attend the National Conference in Downtown Chicago. We enjoyed many different workshops, networking and meeting other students from organizations like ours. 

My involvement in ALAS has allowed me to share my culture with others and make the Bradley campus aware of the Hispanic community. I enjoy being part of an organization where people work together for a common goal. This year we planned the First Annual Latin American Heritage Banquet. The celebration of Hispanic Heritage month drew a crowd of 75 people including the city manager of Peoria and members of Caterpillar Inc’s Latino group. We are so excited to see the event expand in years to come. I have grown so much as a leader, but also as a person and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!